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SPG Magazine – Issue 15


  • The PATH to Single Plane Success By Todd Graves
  • PATH to SUCCESS Outline By Todd Graves
  • STEP ONE: Discovery
  • STEP TWO: Learning
  • STEP THREE: Deeper Commitment
  • STEP FOUR: Hands-On Training
  • STEP FIVE: Reinforcement
  • STEP SIX: Mastery


  • Todd Graves // The Moe Norman Swing a “Crock of Bull”
  • PATH to SUCCESS Checklist


  • GGA Schools – What’s New with the Single Plane Experience Schools (SPE) By Chandler Rusk
  • GGA Equipment – Short-Game Trainer – Dual Purpose By Tim Graves
  • GGA Coaching Program – The ultimate program to improve your golf game By Trent White
  • GGA Clubfitting – Single-Length Clubs By Tim Graves
  • From Our Blog – Understanding the Single Plane Model By Todd Graves
  • Dr. Robert Neal – One of Golf’s best Kept Secrets? By Todd Graves

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