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SPG Magazine – Issue 14


  • New Addition to GGA Teaching Staff By Tim Graves
  • The Single Plane Address Position By Todd Graves
  • The Most Common Questions, and Answers By Todd Graves
  • FIVE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Good Golfers and Average Golfers By Tim Graves


  • Todd Graves // That Special Moment
  • Shawn Linfoot // Why Me, Why This, Why Now?


  • GGA Schools – Investing in Your Passion By Scott Renfrow
  • GGA Equipment – Training with the Leverage Bag By Tim Graves
  • GGA Clubfitting – Choosing the Correct Bounce on Your Wedges By Tim Graves
  • SPG Fitness – LOWER BODY TRAINING for More Powerful Golf By Trent White
  • From Our Blog – It’s NOT Rocket Science By Todd Graves
  • Memories Of Moe – The Moe Norman Legacy By Tim O’connor

Digital Exclusive

  • Fun On-Course Games By Shawn Linfoot
  • Short Game Rules By Tim Graves

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