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SPG Magazine – Issue 13


  • Deliberate Practice By Todd Graves
  • Student A vs. Student B By Todd Graves


  • Todd Graves // Step-By-Step Process
  • Shawn Linfoot // The SMART Way to Set Goals


  • GGA Schools – An Ever Growing Team of Single Plane instructors By Scott Renfrow
  • GGA Equipment – PLAYING WINTER LIES By Tim Graves
  • SPG PROFILES By Tim O’connor
  • GGA Clubfitting – New Callaway XR16 Driver and Fairway Woods By Tim Graves
  • SPG Fitness – Five Strategies to Stay Motivated with Your Game By Trent White
  • From Our Blog – What Makes A Good Teacher? By Tim Graves
  • Memories Of Moe – Moe’s Message | STAY WITH IT By Tim O’connor

Digital Exclusive

  • Winter Stretching – Back and Glutes Stretching By Shawn Linfoot
  • Winter Stretching – Hamstring Stretch By Shawn Linfoot

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