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SPG Magazine – Issue 12


  • Just Do What’s Right By Todd Graves


  • What’s Your Address? The Alignment & Ball
  • Position Trainer By Todd Graves
  • Moe’s Grip, “The Steering Wheel” By Todd Graves
  • Leverage is Speed, Working with the Leverage Bag By Todd Graves
  • Perfect Trainer, Perfect Impact By Todd Graves
  • Practice Inside – Indoor Trainer By Todd Graves
  • Feeling of Greatness Training Club By Todd Graves
  • A Unique Training Aid for Speed By Tim Graves
  • GGA Schools, Transform Your Golf Game By Scott Renfrow
  • The Ultimate Practice Tool for Your Short Game By Tim Graves
  • Throw-A-Hole Anywhere By Tim Graves
  • Moe’s Sandy Andy Wedge By Tim Graves
  • Pocket Coach, Your “Field Guide” to Better Golf By Todd Graves

GGA Instruction

  • Improve Your Move By Todd Graves
  • Maximizing Speed & Distance By Todd Graves
  • The Importance of Training Aids By Todd Graves
  • Flexibility & Exercises By Tim Graves
  • Troubles & Solutions By Todd Graves
  • The Feeling Of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story By Tim O’Connor
  • The Seven Principles of Golf By Todd Graves

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