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SPG Magazine – Issue 11


  • Modeling Moe Norman By Todd Graves
  • Manning’s Story By Manning Moxley
  • Playing Par 3s Tips By Todd Graves
  • The MOE Norman Interview with Peter Fox By Todd Graves


  • Todd Graves // GGA Updates


  • GGA Schools – Attend A GGA School And
  • Transform Your Golf Game By Scott Renfrow
  • From Our Blog – Moe & Socrates: Now That’s a Twosome! By Dr. Ron Cruickshank
  • From Our Blog – The Feeling of Greatness By Todd Graves
  • PROFILES By Tim O’Connor
  • GGA Equipment – Is What’s in Your Bag Right for You? By Tim Graves
  • SPG Fitness – Good Nutrition is a Choice
  • Memories Of Moe – My Last Round with Moe Norman By Todd Graves

Digital Exclusive

  • Weird Looking Swing By Todd Graves
  • Simplicity Is Crunched Complexity By Dr. Ron Cruickshank
  • You Want Secrets? Or the Truth? By Todd Graves

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