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SPG Magazine – Issue 10


  • What is the Mental Game? By Todd Graves
  • THE MENTAL GAME By Tim O’Connor
  • Rhythm of the Game By Todd Graves
  • How to Prepare Your Mind for the Course By Chandler Rusk
  • I Gave Myself A Chance By Todd Graves


  • Todd Graves // Do The Work


  • GGA Schools – “Knowing” it vs. “Getting” it By Scott Renfrow
  • GGA Gear – Know YOUR PUTTER By Scott Renfrow
  • From Our Blog – SELF-CONFIDENCE What Is It and How Do I Get It? By Dr. Ron Cruickshank
  • GGA Equipment – Fairway Wood and Hybrid Fitting By Tim Graves
  • PROFILES By Tim O’Connor
  • SPG Fitness – Fitness Confidence By Trent White

Digital Exclusive

  • From the Inside Out By Todd Graves
  • Pre-Round Preparation – Be Ready To Play By Dr. Ron Cruickshank
  • Why We Choke and How to Prevent It By Dr. Ron Cruickshank

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