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SPG Magazine – Issue 1


12: The Four Cs of a great short game. By Tim Graves
14: The Seven Principles of scratch golf. By Todd Graves
18: Why the Single Plane Swing is easier to learn than the Conventional Swing. By Todd Graves
27: To go, or no go. By Clay Farnsworth
30: SPG Performance: Better thinking for better results. By Dave Predzin
32: SPG Fitness: Mastering the transition. By Trent White


6: Todd Graves // Another dream come true– SPG magazine.
8: Tim O’Connor // A journalist’s journey from Moe Norman to Todd Graves.
20: Dr. Jim Suttie // Moe may have looked strange, but his golf was beautiful.


22: Carrying on the legacy of Moe Norman, the world’s greatest ball-striker. By Todd Graves
26: The Ideal Student: How John Olson went from a 22-handicap to a 5. By Tim O’Connor
33: Memories of Moe: Mickey Rooney and the Artificial Swings incident. By Tim O’Connor
34: FAQs: When you’re an industry maverick, you get questions. By Todd Graves


10: Schools: Improve your game at one of our schools and when you get home. By Scott Renfrow
16: Equipment: The ABT ensures proper alignment and ball position. By Clay Farnsworth
30: Clubfitting: Ensuring your clubs fit you and your SPS swing. By Tim Graves

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