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Maximizing Speed & Distance

Start Getting The Maximum
Speed & Distance
From Your Single Plane Golf Swing!

Everyone desires to hit the golf ball longer.  How far you hit a golf ball directly affects your ability to shoot lower scores.  Most golfers, however, fail to understand that when it comes to hitting the golf ball further, there is a difference between Speed and Distance.

The Distance a golf ball travels is related to several factors, only ONE of them being the actual speed of the club head.  If you want to hit the golf ball further, you must learn how to harness the proper body positions, techinques and flexiblity to maximize your body’s ability to produce speed.

Todd “Little Moe” Graves has designed a training program that teaches these ball launching positions and techniques, so you can START HITTING LONGER DRIVES WITH THE MOE NORMAN GOLF SWING!

Introducing the Graves Golf Academy “Maximizing Speed and Distance” Instructional DVD.

In this video, you will discover:

  • How using the proper grip can add distance to every shot!
  • The simple secret to creating the ideal “speed leverage angles”
  • The key to getting 75% of your distance – WITHOUT EVEN USING YOUR LEGS!
  • Exercises to increase your flexibility to help you “load” your swing and harness your potential power.
  • How best to AVOID PAIN in your swing.
  • The 1.5 drill, which teaches the proper angles of approach to impact – Which ensures you’ll consistently hit the ball perfectly square for maximum distance on every single shot.
  • Dozens of simple “quick-learn” tricks including an easy “stability’ drill to guarantee your swing is on plane.
  • The “impact” secret to stop you from throwing away power.
  • and a lot more…

Are you hitting the golf ball the distances you desire? If you did, how do you think that would feel?  When you use the proper techniques of Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf swing,  it feels like the most natural thing in the world.

With The Graves Golf Academy speed producing techniques, you’ll be tapping into the natural swing that’s been hiding inside you all along. The Single Plane golf swing feels good, looks great, makes your game so much easier..

Club Head Speed

Production of Speed is the result of proper technique that maximizes your body’s leverage angles.

  • Todd reveals the parts of the body that REALLY increases speed.
  • Demonstrates how EVEN SITTING DOWN in a chair, he can still hit a driver 200 yards!
  • Deconstructs the myths about what role the lower part of the body plays in hitting monster drives.

Drills to Better Speed

Developing your "Speed Producers" is the key to harnessing a faster club head.  Todd walks you thru several drills to get these parts of your body ready for POWER!

  • Lower Body Stability Drill
  • Impact Drill
  • Chair Drill
  • Hands Together Speed Drills
  • Forearm Strength Drills
  • and much more

Swing Path to Solid Contact

Nothing will help gain more distance than a perfect swing path and solid contact with the golf ball.  Todd teaches you how to practice getting these important factors into perfect balance.

  • How a simple mark on your golf ball can get you to solid impact!
  • He reveals one true sign to check if the path of your club is straight and true.
  • Demonstrates correct ball positions for every club in your bag!

Harness the Power for Distance

Now its time to put speed to work on the golf ball.  Todd teaches how to put it all together to achieve your utlimate goal – long, powerful drives!

  • He reveals the path to Perfect Backspin!
  • How to achieve better distance with not only your driver but your irons and fairway woods.
  • How loft and angle can guarantee better spin for flight.

AT LAST…somebody has revealed the real key to awesome distance with the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing and the LAST lesson on distance hitting you’ll ever need. But you can be the best judge of that.

So here’s what you need to do right now: Click on the order button below…it’s simple, easy, super-safe! So ORDER your copy TODAY!