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Single Plane Golfers asked – We have an answer!

Since 2000, Graves Golf Academy has worked dilligently to provide the highest quality golf school instruction, golf video instruction, and golf training aids in the industry for the Moe Norman single plane golf swing. Throughout those years, aspiring students have told us that while they would like to get one on one golf instruction, geography has kept many from doing so.

To help bridge the geographical gap between our golf instruction and your desire to improve you golf game, we are proud to offer the Graves Golf Academy Internet Golf Academy (GGAIGA).

The GGAIGA now takes distance from the Academy out of the equation, making the golf instruction from “Little Moe” Todd Graves, Tim Graves, PGA and the Graves Golf Academy staff only as far away as your internet connection.

Through a partnership with the V1 Golf Academy, you can now receive one on one golf instruction from the Graves Golf Academy without leaving your home.  You can have personal golf instruction on your schedule, at your convenience, without the expense of travel!

The Graves Golf Academy has found an answer for anyone seeking instruction anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

The GGIGA (Graves Golf Academy Internet Golf Academy)

Anyone from anywhere can now send video files to GGA for golf instruction and review. The golf instruction works as follows:

  1. Download the GGA IGA User’s Manual
  2. The Student (you) video tapes your golf swing
  3. You download the free V1 software @
  4. Upload your golf swings into the software
  5. The software sends the video files to Graves Golf Academy

Once GGA receives the video files, your golf swing is analyzed and reviewed. Once reviewed, the GGA instruction team will send you a video with instructions on what you need to practice to Swing Like Moe Norman on one plane.

You can expect the following from a GGA IGA sessions:

Golf Instruction on Moe Norman One Plane Golf Swing - Single Plane Golf Swing

  1. A comparison of your golf swing to the model, Moe Norman
  2. An analysis of any faults
  3. Correction of your faults from a GGA instructor
  4. Drills and Coaching to help you practice
  5. Ongoing communication with the GGA coaches to help you make necessary changes

Download the GGA Internet Golf Academy User’s Manual – a step by step guide to get you up and running in the Internet Golf Academy

GGA Internet Golf Academy Users Manual
Click image to download

See the Instructional Golf Videos below to get set up and start receiving the golf instruction you need today!

How to Use a Video Camera with Mini-DV tape to submit your swings to the GGAIGA:


How to Trim (Shorten Long clips) & Upload Golf Swings into the V1 Software:


If you have any questions about how to load or send the golf swing videos,
call Scott Renfrow at the GGA at (866)377-2316