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The Feeling of Greatness “Indoor Trainer” Training Club


Right Handed


Left Handed

The GGA “Indoor Training Club” is designed with mastery in mind allowing you to practice indoors, featuring the GGA “Feeling of Greatness” training grip so you can practice your hand position and hand action.


Built at a length of 32″, the Indoor Trainer allows you to practice your golf swing anytime, inside your home or office, without the fear of swinging a long club.

The Indoor Trainer allows you to feel the proper hand position and the important balance of the club head as it relates to your hands.

It also helps you build the proper relationship between your hands and the club face – mastering the single plane grip position.

Use the indoor trainer standing as you practice your hand action or sitting while you watch television.  The short length allows you to safely swing without hitting furniture, pets or relatives.

It also allows you to practice your swing without bending or tilting, taking stress off of your back.