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GGA grips

Single GGA Grip GGA Grips Set of 14

$8.95 each


Moe Norman’s hold on the golf club was one of the keys to his genius ball striking.  Knowing this, and through years of teaching experience, Todd Graves put a plan in place to help all who seek to Swing Like Moe a way to master Moe’s hold on the golf club.

The first part of this plan was to develop a grip molded in such a way to let a player “feel” Moe’s grip in relation to the club face.  The player must also be able to hit balls with this training device, to feel the correct hand action in the swing.  It is from this initial part of the plan that the Feeling of Greatness™ Training Club came to be.

The second part of the plan was to develop a round grip, with legal markings, to allow players to transition from their Feeling of Greatness™ Training Clubs to their own clubs, while playing golf.  This step has come to fruition and we are proud to announce….

Available individually or in sets of 14, the new GGA grip allows you to transition from your Feeling of Greatness™ Training Club to your own clubs, all while helping you master your hold on the club.

The GGA grip is available for right and left handed golfers (same grip for both, markings on each side), and can be built up to fit your specific hand size per the GGA grip size recommendations .


GGA Grip Installation Instructions – click the file below to download

Grip Installation Sheet


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