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GGA Putting System

If you’ve been involved with the GGA for some time, you are aware that the GGA does not endorse many short game training aids.  Our purpose in doing so is very simple, we will not endorse a product that will not help you, period.

Now, Tim Graves, PGA, and the GGA staff are proud to endorse and offer you 2 training aids that will in fact help you with over 40% of your average round of golf, putting.

The Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirror is now used in EVERY GGA school to assist students with putter face alignment, eyes over the line of the putt, and path of the stroke.

The LineMUp pro, while a simple tool, allows GGA students to get a “square” “T” on their golf ball, as taught by the GGA, to assist with putter face alignment and path while putting.

The GGA Putting system includes all the tools used, and recommended by Tim Graves, PGA, to hone your putting skills. These tools include the LineMup pro (to draw a perfect “T” on your ball, an Eyeline putting aid (ensures a square putter face, eyes over line of putt, and perfect path), and the GGA putting string (square putter face, perfect path, and teaches break).

These tools are used to teach every GGA student in EVERY GGA school to improve their putting. As Tim states, “Using this system, we can cut 4-7 strokes off your handicap in a VERY short period of time.”