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Flexibility & Exercises

Your ability to achieve the correct body positions and motions is directly related to your flexibility, range of motion, strength and coordination. The Graves Golf Academy Flexibility and Exercise Video is the next step in advancing your ability to achieve the Moe Norman™ Single Plane Golf Swing.

This 90 minute video focuses on The Components of Fitness as they relate to Moe’s golf swing.

The GGA Fitness and Exercise video focuses on:

  • Flexibility (aka Range of Motion)
  • Coordination (aka Proper Sequencing)
  • Strength

This video is set up to allow you to pin point the weak areas of your swing in direct relationship to flexibility and golf fitness.  Then, by performing the recommended exercises, give yourself a much better chance to eliminate the weak areas of your swing.  Instead of performing numerous exercises and working on fitness in general (without knowing if they will improve your golf game or not) – this video is set up to allow you to PINPOINT your EXACT NEEDS.

The following areas are discussed in this video:

  • Ankles / Calves

  • Knees / Quadriceps

  • Hamstrings / Low Back

  • Hips

  • Core Strength

  • Posture

  • Balance

  • Spine Movement

  • Shoulders / Arms

  • Arms / Wrists

Dave Predzin, PGA (Certified Fitness Trainer), TPI Certified:
“This exercise program is an absolute must for anyone who wants to improve their Moe Norman Single Plane Swing.  For those who are new to swinging like Moe our program will keep you from developing incorrect swing habits.  For those who have been trying to swing like Moe for a while it will help answer the question why.  Why am I struggling with the swing?  Why can’t I get the club on-plane?  Why does it look so simple but seem so hard?

We help you identify the parts of your body that are preventing you from making the swing changes you’ve worked so hard on.  We then give you specific exercises to improve those areas of your body that are keeping you from reaching your potential.