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The Feeling of Greatness™ Training Club


Right Handed


Left Handed

As your hold on the club is the foundation of your golf swing, mastering your grip is a vital milestone on the “Path to Golf Improvement”.  As described below, the benefits of the Feeling of Greatness™ Training Grip & Club are numerous:

  • Shape and Design place the hands in the exact position of Moe Norman
  • Accommodates both overlapping and 10 finger hand positions
  • Markings and Texture indicate the correct “pressure points” in the hands.
  • Shape and Design position the hands correctly to help you learn to hinge them correctly; which is the foundation of the golf swing and a key to producing clubhead speed.  The resulting increase in clubhead speed equates to greater distance.
  • Grip and Club is specially weighted to allow you to hit balls during your practice.  The equipment is “Transitional”, allowing you to easily move from the training club to your clubs.
  • When gripped, the Training Club is the same length as a standard 6 iron.  The Training Club is available in Right handed models at this time.


Received the Feeling Of Greatness training club the other day and I have to tell you that thing is the king!  My son (12) and I were both killing practice balls in the back yard for a couple evenings, so last night we (and my wife) went to the driving range to hit some real balls.

I hit the ball a little farther than normal but what really stood out to me is how much straighter I hit it.  The grass was closed due to weather so we hit off the mat, which is pretty forgiving, but even so my shots were definitely straighter through the whole bucket.  Even my wife, who has seen zero of your videos, hit the ball straighter after holding the training club for about 30 seconds.  It was crazy. I hit a few with the trainer then hit my 6 iron and I was noticeably better right away.

Rolf C., Indianapolis, IN