Stop Guessing

Unfortunately, most people who practice rarely get better – and some even get worse.

Here’s the first problem: You can’t feel what you are doing wrong.

Here’s the second problem.  Since you don’t know what you are doing wrong, you will start guessing on how to fix yourself. 

Guessing is the problem with most golfers.  They are guessing wrong, practicing wrong and making learning more difficult than i needs to be.

As a side note: If you had plans on running to the range or the course, this might be a bit scary. In Dan Coyle’s book The Talent Code, he mentions that talent (skill) is earned.  This means that in order to earn a  good golf swing habit, you must repeat good swing motions until you have the motion engrained.  It might seem obvious but it can’t be overstated: Bad golf swings are bad habits, good golf swings are good habits.  Both good and bad swings are learned.


Why do you keep practicing?

I once asked Moe, who I considered perfect,  “Why do you keep practicing?”

To make it stronger“, he said.

“Make what stronger I asked again?”

Make my move so strong that I don’t know how to swing it badly.”

Even Moe realized the importance of perfect practice.

So Instead of worrying about getting worse, let’s ask a better question.

How can you improve and get better every time you practice?  How can you make your swing so strong that you are always getting better?


That’s a huge benefit of being around the Graves Golf team.  I’m lucky.  When I practice, I am surrounded by the best Single Plane teachers in the world including – Tim Graves, James Bell, Blade Cruickshank, Ross Smith, Trent White, Clay Farnsworth, Brock Elmore – to name a few.  When something feels “off” in my swing, I have one of them take a look.  The best part is that I never spend much time prancing incorrectly and because I have someone available, whenever I need them, and it keeps me from developing bad habits.

Since most of the time, you don’t know what is going wrong,  I believe that you must have a coach to keep you on track. The problem is that the coaches cant help you if we can’t see your swing.

So, Here’s the good news.

You have access to these coaches too!  They are in your back pocket.  All you have to do is start using them.  

Let me give you a quick example.

Maybe you are hitting behind the ball.  There could be a number of reasons for it.  You could be lifting your trial foot, sliding your hips or your ball position could be too far forward.  The problem is that you won’t know unless you get some help.  The other problem is that the GGA coaches cant help if they don’t see your swing.

If the GGA Coaches see your swing on video, it will stop you and them from guessing.  You can start practicing the solution.

So here is my recommendation to get you started and on track with the coaches:

Step 1: Master your Address and Grip.

Step 2:  Master from the Address to the Top of the backswing.

This is a great place to start with the coaches.  They will help you work on the correct swing positions in the correct order, keep you from guessing and speed up your mastery of the Single Plane Golf Swing.










5 thoughts to “Stop Guessing”

  1. I was working on the consistency of my backswing and worked on the extension of my lead arm. My thought was to take the slop out of my shoulder to the club shaft by making my arm straighter at my elbow. I felt more consistent and on plane extended this way.

    I immediately looked at video of Moe and saw him straighten his lead arm as a swing trigger. Am I correct in what I am summarizing……the elbow needs to be extended(without over doing it) and Moe used this as a swing trigger to let his position tell him it’s go time?

  2. I have developed piriformis muscle spasms in my single plain swing. I have seen questions from others in the seminars ask about this. I do not know how to send videos of my swing to you. can you send me info on video and tell me what generally causes piriformis muscle strain.

  3. I seem to be hitting my irons mid and short pretty well when it comes to my driver or longwoods I am not

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