Well, summer time has officially hit! As I write this, the temperatures are rising and it looks like summer is in full swing across most of the country.

Typically, the summer months are just unbearable across most of the southern part of the country due to the heat, so this year, for the first time, we are going to spend some time in the hottest part of the summer in the Mile High City – Denver, Colorado.

That’s right, the GGA 3 day Premier school is coming to the State of Colorado for the first time in history on August 9th-11th!

The school will be held at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Northeast Denver, the site of the 2013 Colorado Open. This beautiful location offers a world class course and training facility, with views of the Rocky Mountains, and a much, much milder climate that the majority of the country in August.

We are excited to bring the 3 day Premier program to Denver for the very first time, and if you’re looking to have a 3 day experience of exceptional golf instruction and break-taking views in a great city, then the Denver 3 day Premier school is for you.

The instruction team will be lead by Todd and Tim Graves, and they will be assisted by the best Single Plane Instructors, their “A” team for the Premier program.

Now, many golfers think,

“Why take a school towards the end of the season?”

In reality, the best time to take a school is later in the golf season. While that may seem counter-intuitive, let me explain:

Making lasting improvements and changes in your golf game takes some practice and time. Most “average” golfers believe the work on their games should take place at the beginning of the season to get their games in shape for that year, however, if you study what touring professionals do, you’ll see the opposite. The touring professional will get instructions, make changes and adjustments in the fall and winter months.

Why do they do this?

It’s simple really. The touring professional understands that making changes and improvements takes time and practice, and they also know that while they are making changes, they will not play their best, so they do their ‘work’ toward the end of the season when they don’t have the pressure of competition, when they can take the time to put in the practice in the late summer, fall and winter months. This gives them time to make the changes permanent, and they are able to start the next season renewed.

So what about you?  Has this golf season gone like the last?  Are you still struggling to find the improvement you want?

If so, then join us in the mile-high city in August, and let’s get to work. You will leave the 3-day Premier school experience armed with a game plan, a road map for you and your game. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to break through to the next level with your game, and you’ll have the tools to accomplish that.

Our Denver 3 day Premier school will be our last school for 2013 in the central part of the U.S.  After August, we will head to Las Vegas and Palm Springs in October and November. Join us in Denver and let us help you experience Moe’s “Feeling of Greatness”.

You can register for the Denver 3 day Premier School HERE.