Standing on the stage in Toronto I had just finished presenting the dynamic differences between the Conventional and Single Plane Golf swings. The biomechanical data details how the Single Plane Swing has less movement, less stress and less rotation than the conventional golf swing. The proof is in the numbers where the spine tilts 19 degrees less from address to impact in the Single Plane Swing. The spine is compressed in the conventional swing as the pelvis moves up 3 inches while the pelvis moves down one inch in the Single Plane Swing, taking the stress away from the spine. There is no denying that the Single Plane Swing is easier.

My slideshow graphically shows the details of how the Single Plane Swing starts and impacts on the same plane allowing the feet to stay on the ground, and the spine to stay in tits original position. Then is shown Moe Norman – the man who intuitively discovered these mechanics.

I can see the look on the faces in the crowd. They look bewildered, confused by what they have just seen. Could there be an easier way? Could the modern teachers of today, the ones who claim to help you hit it longer and straighter, be fundamentally flawed? Could Moe Norman have figured out the secret to simplicity?

The questions swirl in their heads. Like most people, they think that there might be something they missed. I have challenged their belief systems – the ones that the conventional magazines have sewed into their minds. Then, as all human beings whose beliefs have been challenged, their minds look for ways to disprove the source.

Looking at the crowd I prepare myself. I know what is coming. The question that always comes.  “Why isn’t anyone on the PGA Tour using this swing”. There it is. This isn’t an occasional question, it happens every time, every show, every time I present the Single Plane Swing. The crowd is full of struggling golfers yet for some reason, the PGA Tour players are more credible than science. Their ability to play golf and score outweighs the evidence of simplifying the strike of a golf ball.

Upon hearing the question for the countless time I sigh, take a deep breath and say “Steve Stricker is the closest to the Single Plane Mechanics on the PGA Tour. He starts and impacts on the same plane he exemplifies the simplicity of getting to impact”. The crowd seems satisfied. I have validated the Single Plane Swing with the only thing that most people identify with – the PGA Tour.

From now on I think I’ll throw away my notes and the years of biomechanical studies because when it comes to helping people make real change you must change their beliefs and if people continue to believe that the PGA Tour is the answer to their golf improvement and better golf, then I have no doubt that golfers will continue to fail to improve – just as it has been for the past 60 years.