One question we get a lot is “What is this SPE class I see on the website and in emails?” This is a relatively new program for teaching our Single Plane Swing. Instead of students having to come to one of just several locations that we do our 3 and 5 day schools, there are 1 or 2- half day regional schools out there now. We have put Certified Single Plane Instructors across the country to teach the basics of our model swing.

In an SPE you will learn the grip, fundamentals of the Single Plane Swing, putting, chipping and pitching. This is also a great place to get a tune up or refresher from a previous school. Even to just have an actual person tell you how close you are from watching all of those videos that you have at home of Moe and Todd.

I’d like to introduce you to Paul Tessler from Newton Falls, Ohio. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Paul graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1975 with a BS in business marketing. He became a PGA Member after college and played professionally until buying his own teaching center in 1983. With an eye for teaching and a desire to help golfers improve their game, Paul has spent 43 years operating a successful teaching center. He has also written numerous articles for Golf Magazine, The Tribune Chronicle and the Ohio Golfer Magazine. His one day SPE classes have also made their way into Newsweek, US News and Time. Paul’s journey to the Single Plane Swing started with his vision of Moe’s swing back in the 1980’s and came to fruition when he first saw Todd’s video explaining the back problems associated with the conventional golf swing. Having given up practicing because of hip and neck pain, Paul is glad to be hitting balls again pain free.

Once again, we listened to your requests for an instructor in these areas and we now have one of our best to head that way for a limited time. Paul will only be on loan for a short time to Virginia (3 weekends in February and March) and North Carolina (TBA) before heading back north to Ohio. Each class will only consist of 5 students.  I hope you have the opportunity to meet and work with Paul.

Shannon Friday, PGA

SPE Program Manager