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Single Length Clubs

We have begun to receive many calls and emails in the past couple of months about single length clubs. Whether the increase in curiosity is from Bryson DeChambeau, Cobra Golf’s single length irons, Edel Golf’s new single length irons, or a combination, many people tend to associate the single plane golf swing with single length clubs.

Thought I’d write an article about single length clubs, where we “stand” and maybe debunk some misinformation and some misunderstandings about the clubs.

Some general facts about distance related to clubs. The distance you hit a golf ball is due to many factors. The biggest factors are club head speed at impact (the longer the club, in general the faster you will swing the club) and launch of the golf ball (primarily due to loft of the club). Yes, there are many other factors such as spin of the golf ball, type of club you are hitting, launch angle, etc. etc. But the primary factors are how fast the ball is hit and the club loft that is hitting the ball. So, the golf industry for 100s of years, has set distance between clubs by either decreasing or increasing loft in combination with adding or subtracting length of the shaft. If you compare the two, it has been shown, the loft of the club has a 3x + greater influence on distance then the length of the shaft.

So, with that background, let’s talk about Single Length Clubs.

First – Single Length Clubs – At this time I do not recommend any single length clubs.  As I believe there is some validity to the concept, at this time there is not a set on the market that works as claimed.  We have tried many single length club sets (from new one’s just released, to one’s that have been out for years, to one’s that were produced 30+ years ago) and nothing really works as claimed. There is not the distance difference between the irons as claimed (in combination with the needed height / ball flight) and those that get the clubs are typically disappointed. Typically, most can hit all the irons in the set, but as the iron has less loft (higher irons) – the needed height for proper ball flight is not there.

Second – A point of issue everyone considering single length clubs should understand – those that play / played single length clubs (i.e. Bryson DeChambeau) have numerous lengths of clubs in the bag. There is NOT one length for all clubs. In a “single length club set” there is typically a driver length, fairway wood length, hybrid length, iron length, wedge length and putter length… Meaning, do not confuse single length with all clubs in bag being one length.

Third – Many have claimed, and even stated, they played with Moe and he was using single length irons.

All the years Todd and myself spent with Moe, watching Moe preform demonstrations and play golf, and all the video and pictures of Moe participating in tournaments, we cannot find any evidence he ever played single length irons.

But, even if he did, Moe was known to choke down on his clubs to the suitable length, etc. that then fit him and his shot. So in other words, if Moe ever played single length irons, it can be almost guaranteed they were all long and he choked down on the different clubs in different spots to in essence create the proper length of each club.

Fourth – There is a company working on making a single length iron (with graphite shafting) that has the proper distance difference between the irons. They are working on a system in which you are fit for every iron individually (club head weight, head size, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft kick, etc…). I believe this will be the only way to truly have an iron system of single length that works. From preliminary information – these clubs (when available) will be very expensive (as each iron is fit individually) and only available in graphite. When looking at the fit system for this company, there are 90 shafts to choose from, 4 different club heads comprising of 8 different weighting in each head…. In other words, every iron will be fit individually with a different shaft (flex, kick point, weight, etc…), different weighted head, etc… So that it is set to go a particular distance and height.

(FYI – this is EXACTLY how Bryson created his irons to work for him. In fact, he stated each iron took him between 30 and 40 hours to build to the specifications he needed. Ten irons in his bag – that’s 300 to 400 hours of work getting the clubs to fit….)

Finally – With that being said, I would strongly recommend getting a set of clubs (multiple lengths) that are fit to you perfect for length, lie angle, shaft flex, grip size, set make up, etc. A perfect fit set of clubs allows you to work on your swing without having to worry about what is in your bag.  You will only get to a point with improperly fit clubs – it is impossible to reach ideal (or close to ideal) impact with an improperly fit club.

We are happy to help you get a perfect fitted set of clubs for your single plane swing.

We offer a free single plane individualized club fitting and assessment at:  CLICK HERE

Free Club Fitting

An informational club fitting webinar was produced about the importance of a proper fit:  CLICK HERE


I would also suggest reading the single plane swing article on proper club fitting:  CLICK HERE


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  1. Tim,
    I am assuming you are related to Todd. My comment is directed to you both. I live near Kitchener Ontario Canada. I try to visit Moe’s grave site every year. It Is usually in the spring at the beginning of the golf season and I ask him to communicate with me in anyway he can about his secrets of the game. My father once told me when I was a teenager that Moe was the best golfer in the world but the world Just didn’t know it yet. I thought Arnold Palmer was the best golfer in the world and as a know it all teenager, I didn’t listen to my father and I tried to swing like Arnold. We all know now that Arnold wasn’t the most consistent striker of the ball. As a result, I am not the most consistent as well. Sometimes I’m brilliant like Arnold and sometimes not. My point I am trying to make is I will still visit with Moe and I will always thank him for being himself, but I won’t have to ask him for any more help, I just have to listen to you. Thank you for keeping his memory alive. I am about to start teaching my grandchildren and you can rest assured it will be the Moe Norman way.

  2. Thank you for this information. Definitely cannot get the proper height with the 5 and 6 irons. Much to low of a ball flight. not ready to spend the kind of money necessary to get correctly fitted single length irons. Also, the shorter irons tend to go longer due to the longer shaft but are not consistent.

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