Simplicity of Spine Movement

By Chandler Rusk, GGA Master Instructor

One of the essential understandings in the Single Plane Golf Swing is how Moe Norman’s spine worked during his entire motion. Why is this so important? The shoulders and arms move in a direct relationship together with the spine.

In the two images below, you can see Moe’s address position (on the left) and the top of the backswing position (on the right). Because of the spacing from the ball that Moe created at address, he merely would rotate his body and fold his trail arm as the spine maintains its starting position. Bio-mechanically, this is the most straightforward backswing movement possible.

Displayed below are Moe’s impact position (on the left) and Moe’s release position (on the right). Once again, you can see how the spine is mirroring the same place it started in.

When the spine can maintain its position, the swing, getting to impact becomes very simple. Because the body can stay in its posture. In traditional golf methods, this is not possible because of starting to close to the ball at address.

This forces the spine to lift and the head to go down causing extreme stress on the back and leads to inconsistency


Additional benefits of this spine movement include:

  • Less moving parts in the golf swing
  • No compression or shear of the spine
  • Consistent striking point at impact
  • Compressed golf shots every time & with every club in the bag

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