Yes. I made up a word to describe the Single Plane Golf Swing. It’s all I could do to find a way to describe the swing to anyone who is coming from a ‘conventional’ golf background. As a matter of fact, we just developed our very own magazine – The Single Plane Golfer to give you, the SP golfer, a place to find instruction and information about the simplerior Single Plane Swing.

If you asked me to describe the swing in my own terms it is more than just an easier swing. The ease of the swing is founded in biomechanics of the body. Therefore, it is both simple (mechanically) and superior (better than the alternative). Yes, the Single Plane swing is Simplerior.

The Single Plane address position and impact position make achieving impact more efficient and easier. A simple swing is one that is easy on the body and can produce the desired result with efficiency and less moving parts. This address position with the elimination of the rotation of the trail hand create a more mechanically sound golf swing movement. This means it is easier to produce and repeat.


The Single Plane Swing is also superior. This means that it is better than the alternative conventional golf swing. When I consider that a majority of golfers are over the age of 50, it is important to find a swing that is easier on the body – especially for the aging body.