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Hi, I’m Todd “Little Moe” Graves – co-founder of the Graves Golf Academy. Have you ever felt that there’s something wrong with YOUR swing? You practice countless hours but once you get to the course… You’ve got nothing to show for it. You still slice, hook, top the ball and… hit dreaded fat shots.

THEN you hobble back to your car after the crappy round with back aches and neck pain.

Let me tell you something…

It’s not you… it’s your swing.

Your Swing Is Sabotaging You

You might have heard of Moe Norman – the greatest ball-striker who ever lived.

Lee Trevino called him a “golfing genius”.

Tiger Woods described his swing as “frighteningly accurate.”

To me, he was my personal coach and dear friend.

The so-called golfing elite of his day shunned him because he wasn’t interested in joining their pompous teaching circles… and he was beating them in their own game with his OWN swing!

You see, Moe Norman had created the most biomechanical swing that can get you longer, straighter and more accurate shots off the tee.

People would gather around the practice tee before tournaments as he shot buckets after buckets of balls and landed them within 5 feet of each other!

Now that’s impressive… something your old swing probably couldn’t do.

Start Your Single Plane Journey

Through the Graves Golf Academy, I’m extremely proud to carry on and enhance Moe’s legacy.

Introducing the Single Plane Golfer… a new magazine that provides us with yet another way to share Moe’s story and his revolutionary swing in a tried and true format.

On the premiere issue alone, you’ll get:

  • Drop your handicap with the “Four C’s” of a superb short game!
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  • True Story: How one single plane golfer lowered his handicap by 17 points in 12 short months!

And much, much more!


Every issue of the Single Plane Golfer is packed with new, cutting-edge instruction, actionable tips you can try out at the range.

Get to know Moe Norman with insightful commentaries and little-known stories from the people who knew him best.

We’ll even feature inspiring student profiles to keep you motivated!

So Here’s The Deal

We believe the Single Plane Golfer will help spread the word about Moe Norman’s incredible swing and revolutionize the way golfers play the game.

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Play Better Golf The Moe Norman Way

Your conventional golf swing is standing in the way. It’s stopping you from hitting the ball far and straight consistently.

It causes irreparable damage to your back, shoulders and arms!

Golf shouldn’t be this hard and complicated…

There is a way to CORRECT every bad shot and eliminate any UNNECESSARY back pain in your swing.

Each issue of Single Plane Golfer brings you timely articles that will make it easy for you to start playing on the Single Plane…

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