The GGA 2 Day Short Game School is a school designed for the purpose of helping  you score.  Focused entirely on the short game, students are immersed in instruction around the scoring areas of the game; putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker.The 2 day Short Game school is conducted at our Academy at Eagle Creek Golf Club in Orlando, FL.  A 4:1 student to instructor ratio is maintained at each school.

Overview of Instruction included in the 2 day Short Game School

  • Putting Fundamental Instruction
  • Advanced Putting Instruction
  • Putting Games to hone skills
  • Reading Greens
  • Chipping Fundamental Instruction
  • Advanced Chipping Instruction – Unusual Chipping Situations
  • Fundamental & Advanced Pitching Instruction
  • Fundamental & Advanced Bunker Instruction
  • Wedge set make up & Wedge charting

The 2 day Short Game school daily agenda:

Day 1
  • Short Game Statistics
  • Practice A vs. Practice B
  • Short Game Scoring
  • Putting Fundamentals & Practice
  • Chipping Fundamentals & Practice
  • How to Practice Break on the putting green
  • Peripheral Vision and how it effects you on the green
  • Chipping with Different Club / Different Distances
  • Unusual Chipping Situations
  • 2 Ball Chipping / Putting Game
Day 2
  • Day 1 Review
  • Pitching Fundamentals & Practice
  • Unusual Pitching Situations
  • Flop Shots
  • Bunder Fundamentals & Practice
  • Greenside Bunker shots
  • Unusual Lies in the Bunker
  • 50 yard Bunker Shots
  • Wedge & Putter Fitting
  • Wedge Charting

2 day Short Game school pricing


School Cancellation Policy in effect from date of registration

Billing for school takes place approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the school.

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