Have you ever walked off the course after a round and felt like you left a lot of shots on the course?  Do you have a hard time structuring your practice, and are unsure what to practice and how?

The GGA On Course / Practice school is a 2 day program designed to help you approach your game with the mindset of a touring professional.  You’ll leave the school with the confidence to strategize each hole like pro, and the know-how to minimize any trouble you find yourself in during a round of golf.

We will cover topics such as:

  • Being your own best caddy on the course
  • Adopting the “Hole Backward” approach to correctly play each hole
  • Tee shot angles
  • When to leave the driver in the bag
  • Go for the flag or play to the middle of the green
  • Playing from the hazard
  • How to choose the best wedge shot
  • Lag putt or try to make it
  • and much, much more.

In addition, each afternoon will be spent learning how to practice your game correctly, like a pro.  You’ll learn how to maximize your practice time, how to get the most out of every practice session, and how to structure your practice based on the needs of your game.

Topics covered with include:

  • Practice A vs. Practice B, the difference and how to use each one correctly
  • Scheduling your practice time to fit your schedule
  • What to practice and when in your practice regimine
  • and more.

Graves Golf Academy Moe Norman Single Plane Golf School pictures


Lunch will be provided each day of the program, and the daily agenda will be:

Day 1
8:30-10:30am – On Course instruction, Long and Short game
11am- Noon – Lunch
Noon – 3pm – Long and Short Game Practice sessions

Day 2
8am-10:30am – On Course instruction, Long and Short Game
11am- Noon – Lunch
Noon – 3p – Long and Short Game Practice sessions

School Cancellation Policy in effect from date of registration

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