5 Day Build Your Game Camp



The Graves Golf Academy 5 Day Build Your Game Camp offers students the opportunity to engage in the ultimate Moe Norman Single Plane Experience.  Each student spends 5 full days working on their entire golf game, and in that process develops a roadmap for improvement.  The 5 Day Camp gives the instructors plenty of time to work with each student extensively. 


Overview of Instruction included in the 5 Day Build Your Game Camp


This School is designed to cover all aspects of both the full swing and the short game. 

The Goal of the 5 Day Camp is to help you build your entire golf game. Each student will leave with a true understanding of the single plane swing, how the short game directly relates, and a game plan for improvement. 

  • Over 35 hours of instruction
  • Chipping Fundamental Instruction
  • Pitching Fundamental Instruction
  • Putting Fundamental Instruction
  • Full Swing Fundamental Instruction
  • Multiple Video Instruction sessions
  • Round Preparation / Pre-Shot Routine
  • Bunker Fundamental Instruction
  • Driver and Fairway Wood Instruction
  • Custom Club Fitting
  • Course Management Instruction
  • Extensive Student Handbook – over 50 pages



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You can also email our School Director at schools@singleplaneacademy.com

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