2 Day Short Game School


The GGA 2 Day Short Game School is a school designed for the purpose of helping you score. Focused entirely on the short game, students are immersed in instruction around the scoring areas of the game; putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker.

First, you must be convinced that the short game is the most important part of scoring. Here are a couple facts about the short game.

The difference between a 30 handicap golfer and a scratch golfer (0 handicap) is associated with 7 to 10 shots in the long game (shots over 50 yards) and 20 to 23 shots in the short game (shots under 50 yards). Meaning, if you are a 30 handicap golfer and only work on your long game you will only improve 7 to 10 shots toward scratch golf.

The best you will ever reach is a 20 handicap. The difference between a 15 handicap golfer and scratch golfer is associated with 3 to 5 shots in the long game, and 10 to 12 shots in the short game.

In other words, if you are a 15 handicap golfer wanting to reach scratch, if you only work on the long game, you will basically never improve beyond a 10 handicap.


Overview of Instruction included in the 2 Day Short Game School

This School is unique in the fact that it will only cover Short Game.

The Goal of the Short Game School is to give the student a true – Tour level training session that includes:

  • Short Game Statistics
  • Short Game Scoring
  • Practice A / Practice B Training
  • Putting Fundamentals Instruction
  • Advanced Putting Instruction
  • Wedge Practice / Creating Spin
  • Wedge Charting
  • Chipping Fundamental Instruction
  • Advanced Chipping Instruction
  • Multiple Club Approach
  • Unusual Chipping Situations / Importance of Angles
  • Pitching Fundamental Instruction
  • Advanced Pitching Instruction
  • Putting Training Stations / Practice Games – Aim Point Training / Green Reading
  • Unusual Pitching Situations / Flop Shots
  • Bunker Fundamentals / Bunker Training – Using the new GGA “Bunker Board.” Conventional wedge and Sandy Andy Wedges


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