2 Day Single Plane 3D School

The 2 Day Single Plane 3D school entails our most in-depth and advanced full swing training to date.

This golf school is also our most intimate premier program with a small number of Students, giving you a lot of one-on-one time with Todd Graves and our GGA Master Instructors.

Qualifications to attend – You must be a Inner Circle Gold Member and previously attended a 3-Day Premier School or 5-Day Build Your Game Camp to attend this school

If you’re NOT currently a member call (405) 250-6960 to join prior to registering. (Or become a member here)

Overview of Instruction included in the 2 Day Single Plane 3D School


This School is unique in the fact that it will only cover Full Swing.

The Goal of the Single Plane 3D School is to give the student a true – Tour level training session that includes:

  1. Basic Fundamentals Review
  2. Measurement / Assessment of swing Motion Data
  3. Measurement / Assessment of Body Function Data
  4. Provide PURPOSEFUL training sessions to improve Swing Motion

Including advanced training on:

  • Grip & Address
  • Backswing Rotation & Leverage
  • Transition and Sequencing Drills
  • Discussion of Bio-Mechanics
  • K-Vest Analysis & Data Review
  • Video Sessions with Instructors
  • Physical Body Assessment



If you have questions about a Single Plane School, or you cannot find a school that fits your needs, complete and submit the form below and a member of the GGA staff will contact you.

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You can also email our School Director at schools@singleplaneacademy.com

School Cancellation Policy in effect from date of registration