2 Day Alumni School

Practice, reinforce and refresh your fundamentals.



Our 2 day Alumni school offers students of previous GGA schools and opportunity to reinforce what they have learned previously, reinforce solid mechanics, discuss new topics such as driving for distance and common faults & fixes.  In addition, each day of the Alumni school includes individual video instruction.

The 2 day Alumni school is conducted at our Academy at Eagle Creek Golf Club in Orlando, FL, and at our Las Vegas home, Revere at Anthem Golf Club in Henderson, NV.  A 4:1 student to instructor ratio is maintained at each school.

Overview of Instruction included in the 2 day Alumni School

  • Review of swing fundamentals w/ Todd & Tim Graves
  • Driver reveiw session w/ Todd Graves
  • Wedge review session w/ Tiim Graves
  • Putting & Chipping review session w/ Tim Graves
  • Faults / Fixes session w/ Todd & Tim Graves
  • Individual Video Analysis each day w/ Todd Graves
  • Individual Golf Club Check, Fitting, and Analysis
  • Each Session will include individual instruction w/ GGA Staff
  • Lunch Provided each day


The 2 day Alumni school daily agenda:

Day 1
  • Cause and Effect Relationship
  • Expectations
  • Warm up and Swing Capture for video instruction
  • Review of Swing Fundamentals w/ Todd Graves
  • Individual instruction w/ GGA Staff
  • Putting & Chipping Review
  • Putting & Chipping Practice sessions
  • Practice B sessions
  • Individual Video instruction w/ Todd Graves
  • Ball Striking by “Little Moe” Todd Graves
Day 2
  • Day 1 Review
  • Driver Swing Review w/ Todd Graves
  • Driver Swing work w/ GGA Staff
  • Producing Speed with the Driver session
  • Pitching Fundamentals review w/ Tim Graves
  • Pitching Practice session w/ GGA Staff
  • Practice A / Target Practice session w/ GGA Staff
  • Individual Video Instruction w/ Todd Graves (cont.)


2 day Alumni school pricing

ALL Locations

School Cancellation Policy in effect from date of registration

Billing for school takes place approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the school.

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What students are saying about the GGA 2 day Alumni school:

I am amazed at the instruction I did not “hear” at previous schools and in your video series.

Just got back from a two-day Alumni School in Orlando. What a great way to start the season. I felt pretty good about my swing before I hit the School. I knew I had a few things that were not there yet and thought I may have created some compensations to get the ball going straight. I was ready for some feedback.  Because it is an Alumni School, the learning curve seems very fast. By the end of the first day I had discovered a slight change in my leverage angles that added at least 30 yards to my drives. I now could see and feel the right angle. By the end of day two, I understand my swing and can “see” the effects of a good swing and know when it is not a good swing, what caused it. I have seen a great swing on video and I was the guy doing it — once. It is not an every-time thing yet, but I can see it in my mind and look forward to repeating it.  If you’ve been to a Camp or school and like your new swing, I highly recommend an Alumni School to quickly take your swing to the next level.