Alert Attitude of Indifference™ A 2 Day Playing School


Alert Attitude of Indifference™ is a playing school designed to teach you the skills and processes necessary to thrive while playing the game of golf.

Focused on the internal dynamics that can make or break your performance on the golf course, you will learn how to elevate your mental skills in order to produce better shots more consistently, recover from set-backs, perform better when it counts and improve your on-course experiences no matter the stakes.

Through multiple interactive simulated and live playing opportunities, active feedback and discussions, you will learn how to cultivate a more productive inner narrative while on the course…one that promotes confidence, focus, and an inner calm that can yield both high-performance as well as more enjoyment.


Overview of Instruction included in the 2 Day Alert Attitude of Indifference™ School


Each golfer will experience advanced-level instruction in the latest mindset research, methodologies and strategies, including:

  • Defining Performance Energy
  • The Pre-game process
  • The Pre-shot routine.
  • Key performance-enhancing concepts like: Awareness, Acceptance and Resilience
  • The special four-minute check-in Paul completes before a round to tune-into his Performance Energy and increase his awareness.
  • The ONE thing standing in your way.
  • How to play from a Mastery Orientation (…and why that can improve your game)
  • Preparing and using a Mastery Game Plan
  • What it means to PLAY the Game
  • The surprising feeling you can cultivate to dramatically impact your scores.
  • How to create your Unique Success Formula 


What Will You Experience?

This is not an instruction school. We will not be taking you through the fundamentals of the Single Plane Swing. However, we WILL teach you how to maximize whatever skills you bring to the course on any day.


You will also experience short game and putting challenges to create and stimulate your brain’s competitive response.

You will have an opportunity to learn and discuss powerful mental concepts and strategies.

And you will participate in multiple on-course scenarios including both 3-hole and 9-hole coach-guided playing events during the school.

So come ready to learn AND play.




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