“I am so pleased to introduce the 1 Day Single Plane Experience School. It is especially sweet for me because we can let people experience the integrity we’ve brought to Moe’s legacy and methods with one of our trusted certified instructors.” -Todd Graves

Cost – $499 (includes lunch)

About the Program:

The 1 day Single Plane Experience will immerse you in the fundamentals of Moe Norman’s ideal Single Plane Swing.  From Moe’s Single Plane grip and address position to every position and movement in the swing, you will feel what Moe Norman felt in his golf swing.

In addition, you will discover the simple and highly effective drills on how to practice the swing. Also included in your 1 day Single Plane Experience:

  • Putting instruction that will drop scores off your card seemingly overnight
  • Chipping instruction that will help you get up and down from around the green at will
  • Pitching instruction to make the longer wedges shots as simple as “pulling the flag out of the cup with your hands”
  • Club fitting session to ensure you have best equipment to fit your game and your skill level

Graves Golf Academy Moe Norman Single Plane Golf School pictures


09:00 – Introduction for the day, expectations & goals for the day

09:15 –Introduction video / What you can expect / Why model Moe? / An overview of the Single plane swing

09:30 – Break

09:45 – Address Training

10:15 – Leverage Training

10:45 – Transition & Impact Training

11:30 – Release Training

12:00 – 1:00 Lunch

01:00 – Putting Instruction

01:30 – Chipping Instruction

02:00 – Pitching Instruction

02:30 – Break

02:45 – Driver Setup explanation / Supervised Ball striking

03:30 – Club fitting / Next Steps / Review & Close

04:00 – End of the 1 day Moe Norman Experience



The 1 Day Single Plane Experience will be held at the following locations:

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School Cancellation Policy in effect from date of registration

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Success Stories

Just a short note to let you know that I had a great experience at the recent 2 day Single Plane clinic held this past Saturday and Sunday, July 13-14, 2013, in Orlando. Clay Farnsworth is simply a great teacher of the necessary skills to play great golf. I am for the most part a total beginner and after watching some of your videos (Tim, Todd, and Dave) I wanted to speed up my learning and decided to attend this clinic. Clay was able, among other things, to quickly and accurately guide me in improving my feeling for positions 0-6. The “whys” for training my golf swing in the style of Moe Norman were explained to me by Clay and this helped me to appreciate what I was learning as well as understanding the genius of Norman himself.

Thanks a lot guys.

Ron S.

Ron S.

My experience was great. And as great as it was Jerry Martin made it terrific. This guy is ‘the best’. I am & have always been a fan of Moe & all you fellas. I look forward to future follow-up lessons.

Jimy M.

Just wanted to let you know I played Royal Ashburn last week (never played it before) and I hit the ball better and straighter than I ever have in a long, long time. Even driving off the tee was, for the most part, long and straight. I just focused on staying on plane and not raising my hands so high on the back swing and it worked wonders!

Paul W.

I’m striking the ball better then ever. My drives are long and straight. I hit a lot more greens in regulation. But, I’m not scoring. I know I should practice my short game but driving the ball 265 yards down the fairway is a lot more fun. I play two games a week and the highlights of the summer is my three eagles. One with a 25 foot putt, one from 100 yards on a par 4 and my last one on Sunday from 140 yards on a par 5. I can’t break 80 yet. I had three 80’s, one with a 35 on the front nine. I will see you next spring (early May) for another lesson. I will work on the drills Todd suggested on his DVD. Your part on the newsletter is always interesting reading. I find myself more relaxed during the game and have a lot more fun.

Michel L.

Thanks Ron,
My drives are much longer and straighter.
My game is a lot more fun, my handicap is slowly coming down but I feel I can do a lot better.
I’ll see you later.


Hi Scott,

I want to tell you that I am completely satisfied with the lessons I got from Todd, Tim & Ron. The swing tape analysis by Todd is incredibly helpful as are the accompanying 2 instructional tapes of Todd. I tell everyone who will listen about my wonderful time with the GGA this past July in Whitby. I think a friend of mine wants to sign up for your school next year after listening to me regarding my experiences at the school & watching my new improved swing.

Thanks to all of you.

A very happy & improving GGA student,


Jim K.

just wanted to mention to you that I really enjoyed and appreciated the time on the weekend that you spent helping me…I had my first round of golf last night and I improved that round by 6 strokes..

I enrolled in the class very frustrated and ready to end my golf season early. After spending 2 days with “The Moe Norman Golf Experience”, I have a different outlook on the game.

The instructors are very knowledgeable and ready and willing to give you all the help you need as well as answer any questions you have.

Whether you’re in the classroom or on the practice range it is a fun filled day, and I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve there game.

Brenda W

Just to let you, again, what a great time Rae and I had and how enthusiastic we both are about working on our swing. I found a great deal on eBay for a camera, $120 + $7 shipping so we ordered 2. Also received the video of our swings today. When you watch the video again it really hits home how important feedback is.

Thanks again and we’ll be in touch

Terri L

The Moe Norman Golf Experience two day instructional course at Hidden Lake was a very professional experience. Introduced by Ron Cruikshank and led by Little Moe (Todd Graves) himself, it was a total intellectual and physical involvement in learning the basics of the golf swing as modelled by Moe Norman.

How refreshing to have the best instructors who can not only ‘talk the walk’ but also walk it. With A-Level PGA pros like Tim Graves who have played with the best in the world and who have won tournaments under pressure, you know you are in good hands. These folks know what they are talking about!

I can’t imagine any other sport or any other professionals in golf taking as much time and effort to work with each individual participant in a knowledgeable, caring and supportive manner regardless of their achievement levels. I am 67 years old and have trouble breaking 100 and yet I felt like I was treated with great respect and courtesy. Every encounter with every staff member was positive, precise, and helpful.

Most importantly, I now feel that I have the right information, the right tools, and the correct practice methods to help me achieve my own goals in playing golf. They have done their part, now it is up to me. Knowing that I have them available for ongoing evaluation and instruction both on the internet and in person, is invaluable.

Take a chance. Take a course. Learn, achieve, and enjoy.

BP: Ancaster, Ontario Canada