Save Your Body and Your Swing with Your Feet

As an instructor, I don’t often debate other instructors but there is one thing that other instructors teach that I must correct and that is the position of the feet. In many instances it might simply be misunderstood or even ignored, nevertheless I do not like to see the feet in a straight-out position. When the feet are straight, this can cause rolling during the swing, instability and even stress on the back.

The feet are the stabilizers of the body during the swing. They support your connection to the ground. If your feet are out of position, you will lose stability and your golf swing consistency and power will suffer.

Bad Legs and feet
I recommend having the trail foot rotated slightly and the lead foot with twice as much rotation as the trail foot.

This allows you to stabilize your backswing against the trail leg for power and then, in the downswing, brace into a stable flexed lead knee through the ball.

Into Impact Single Plane

With the trail foot less rotated than the lead foot, you will be able to rotate the pelvis correctly throughout the swing and safely move through the ball which also saves your back.

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One thought to “Save Your Body and Your Swing with Your Feet”

  1. hello Todd, I’m all in on this. I have always fiddled with my swing, have been a good player, I qualified for and played in the 2017 USGA senior amateur and I want to go again. I have never had professional help, but after watching your videos and trying it, I’m all in on this.
    I live in Utah, so Arizona is handy for me.

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