Rudy’s football teammate is now teaching for The Graves Golf Academy. Pat Pohlen, a teammate of Rudy Ruettiger, in which the movie ‘Rudy’ was filmed after, is teaching the Single Plane Swing in California as a Certified Single Plane Instructor.

Pat was a member of the 1973 National Championship team for the University Of Notre Dame and a starter on the ’75 team as well. After a successful business career that spanned 30 years, and since 2008, Pat’s career has revolved around golf and becoming a PGA Member. He has coached boys and girls high school golf for the past 6 years. Part of what he enjoys the most is working with students and helping them on their path to more enjoyment on the course by understanding the value of ‘a model’, Moe Norman and ‘a system’, the GGA Instructional methods.

Single Plane Experience (SPE) Schools:

This Single Pane Experience will cover the basics of the grip, setup, backswing, downswing and impact which will enable you to make a proper Single Plane Swing. Then the core parts of the short game with putting, chipping and pitching will be taught that will show immediate results as soon as you get back on the golf course. Spending close to 8 hours with Pat in an SPE class will give you a great start in transitioning to the Single Plane Swing. Even if you have been to one of the GGA Schools or another SPE class, now is the time to get another tune up and make sure everything is right on plane.

Pat’s fall season is just getting ready to kick off at Riverview Golf Club in Santa Ana, California. The Single Plane Swing has been in use by him since the late 90’s and is now being taught to everyone on and close to the west coast. Make some time in your schedule to get signed up for one of Pat’s classes. It will be worth the drive to spend some time with him and maybe even hear a story or two about the Fighting Irish.

Shannon Friday, PGA
SPE Program Manager