Well. It is the end of the year. Time for me to put in a few words about my observations and do a little COACHING.

I want to talk about RESULTS, expectations and the possibilities for next year.

If you are new to the forum…welcome and welcome to the many conversations that we will have as you pursue a better golf game.

One thing that I would like to address here is what you can expect to happen from watching DVD’s and practicing as well as instruction.

Watching DVD’s will only help you if you pay attention and practice the information on the dvds. Yes, I know this sounds obvious however, this is like when I purchase one of those computer desks which I have to assemble. I get home, open the package and start assembling without reading the directions. Forgetting to pay attention to the detail, I get half way through the assembly and I have parts left over and for some reason, the desk doesn’t fit together.

This is what I see people do with our instructional DVDs. Those of you who have our DVD’s might or might not realize how much goes into the production of the information. We pay attention to detail in the DVD’s so that it can HELP you if you apply the principles.

You must pay attention to the details.

Also, how do you know you are doing what is being taught on the DVD’s? Are you guessing or are you getting some sort of feedback that what you learned is what you are getting. Yes, you must start paying attention to the information and then make sure you are actually achieving the information.

You will get results if you do what the videos teach…I guarantee it.

Finally, you should expect that it is going to take your attention and a little effort to change. This is normal. What I do recommend, however, is that you only worry about the mechanics of the golf swing at first. The goal is to get the club moving correctly at first. This is a huge step.

After you get the fundamentals and the club moving correctly, you can focus on results of the golf ball.

This is my suggestions for now. Watch the video, take a few notes on what you want to accomplish in your practice session and then make sure you accomplish that in your practice.

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Feedback is welcome. As always – please, please PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE.

Good Luck, Please let us know if we can do anything else for you.

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