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A few weeks ago I was speaking with my wife, Paula about the importance of recharging the batteries. We were talking about how important it is sometimes to step back from the physical and mental demands of the things we face to gain a fresh perspective on the endeavors most essential to us.

Last week LPGA star Lexi Thompson withdrew from the women’s British Open which will be played this week at the venerable Royal Lytham & St. Anne’s Golf Club. Citing the events of the past 18 months on and off the course ( including a crushing loss at the ANA Inspiration in 2017, the passing of her grandmother and the cancer diagnosis of her mom), Thompson expressed her desire to step away to “recharge my mental batteries” for a couple of weeks.

And a couple of days ago, a very talented client of mine – an accomplished single-plane-swing golfer – decided to put his clubs down for the weekend…and to focus on ANYTHING BUT the golf which had been the source of frustration for him over the past couple weeks. He too needed a mental break.

We all need this from time to time. The question is, do you take that break when you need it?

Bruce Lietzke, who passed away this week was famous for his ability to take the all-important mental break and step away from the game to get another perspective. (I guarantee you that his immersion in collecting and re-building cars served him on the golf course in ways that would surprise you.)

One story about Bruce is that he (Bruce) told his caddie Al Hansen that he wasn’t going to touch his clubs from the end of the 1984 tournament season to the beginning of the 1985 season. Hansen, who was dubious about Bruce’s claim stuffed a banana under his driver head-cover, believing that Bruce would soon discover it. To his amazement, many months later, he and Bruce found the rotting banana right where his caddie had put it.

Sometimes the mental break comes from a shift in focus.

This is one of the things we are trying to create in the Mental Game School in Chicago on August 31st.

So, instead of struggling with hitting a position or trying to match a swing model, we are going to help you shift focus by creating insightful learning experiences around how to thrive mentally on the golf course.

No worries or concerns about the swing model. Just a new focus on PLAYING.

I hope you consider how important this kind of break could be for you.

Regardless if you can attend the school or not, consider how beneficial it can be for you sometimes to create shifts in focus so that your perspective remains fresh and productive.

Take a break. Read a book. Go for a walk. Get away. Do it differently.

This is how the most successful at their craft approach high mental function and the achievement that comes from it.


(What do you do for a mental break? I’d love to hear from you…click on my email address link below and shoot me a note!!)

Paul Monahan, PCC is a Peak-Performance coach, member of the International Coach Federation and a certified COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist. He resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Paula and is the proud dad to three young men. He works with elite-level performers and leaders, helping them to expand their awareness so that they perform at their best more consistently.


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Paul Monahan

Paul Monahan

Paul Monahan is an International Coach Federation (ICF) - credentialed coach working in the arena of human potential. Paul’s clients are leaders, executives, athletes and musicians who are serious about transforming how they perform in critical moments. His experiences in leadership and development over a highly-successful 25-year corporate career have created powerful context and understanding for the leaders and executives he coaches. Additionally, his passions and experiences in sports and music have uniquely positioned Paul to profoundly impact his clients in those areas as well.

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