Rate Your Chances For Improvement and How Fast You Will Improve

Hello Everyone –

Hope everyone enjoyed the Masters Tournament last week.  Typically the Masters Tournament is the “unofficial” start of the golf season.  I can tell you, immediately after, calls increase, emails increase, schools pick up….  fun, fun, fun.

So, after receiving many emails last week (more than just custom club emails), I thought it would be a great time to drop an article about getting better, improving, continuing your improvement, what are your chances of getting better, and rating how fast you will improve.

I almost titled this article “&*@$#*  Be Different” – but I thought that might offend some people out there…  (okay, most of you probably know I really don’t care if it hits home).

So, if you don’t have a few minutes to finish this article – do not go on… PLEASE come back to it.  This might be the most important golf article you read this year and an article you can come back to again and again and again (to continue to rate yourself).  In other words, rate your chances of improvement now, do it again in a couple of weeks, again in a month, etc..  Hopefully, your rating will improve each time.  If it doesn’t, FIX something or somethings!

Before I give you the rating/scoring – want to give a little background (I keep getting in trouble when I don’t introduce myself on our webinars… so here is the background).

First – I (Tim Graves) have been asked many times (and again later this week) to talk to groups about my ability to play and teach.  Reason – I (Tim) have been told there are very few of us (PGA professionals) who have won both Teacher of the Year and Player of the Year.  (I have won multiple teacher of the year awards and have won Player of the Year awards multiple times as an amateur, regular PGA division, and now senior PGA division).  In other words, the old saying “Those that teach can not play, and those that play can not teach” is bull *%&# for me…   This gives me a very unique perspective of someone who can teach you after just getting off a golf course (winning…) in a competition.  There is a HUGE difference between learning technique/fundamentals,  playing golf, and playing COMPETITIVE golf …. HUGE!!!

And by the way, Todd Graves, my brother, is obviously a great teacher and extremely competitive also.  He doesn’t play as much as me, but never doubt his playing ability…  I will challenge any and all to a 2 man best ball match… I’ll take Todd, you take whomever you want…. (give Tiger a call…) – let’s play (for the past 3 years, we haven’t lost..  yet…..).  Yup, I don’t mess around…

Second – Please NEVER forget this.  It has been shown in multiple studies, multiple times that a majority of golfers who practice get no better or show no improvement.  In fact, if you want numbers, 90% of typical golfers who practice get no better.  Breaking it down more, 40% of golfers who practice stay the same after practice, and 50% of golfers who practice actually make themselves worse.  Only 10% of golfers who practice improve.   To be honest… if you are an average/typical golfer, I would suggest NOT practicing as you are more than likely just wasting your time (unless you just like the fresh air) or you enjoy getting worse, frustrated, hurt, embarrassed, etc…   You MUST figure out a way to get yourself in the 10% group (those that get better EVERY time they practice) and stay in that 10% group.

This is EXACTLY what we do at Graves Golf.  That is exactly why our monthly Single Plane Academy Member’s webinar is called the 10% show, Single Plane Academy Member’s newsletter is the “Road Map to Single Plane Success” … and everything we teach, create, produce, etc.. is built to get you and guide you in that 10% group and help you stay in that 10% group (regardless of age, ability, body issues, years of golf, etc…)

Third – Want to give a couple of final thoughts, and I am sure, will give those who don’t know me a little better perspective on where I and Graves Golf are coming from…

I (and Graves Golf) are extremely aggressive when it comes to getting better (whether it’s working on my own game or helping you get better).  It “pisses me off” (sorry if that offends..) when someone says they are not getting better and blames others…  It is UP TO YOU!!  We are here to help (and help as much as you want, but ultimately you MUST make the decision to get better).

Everything we have done at Graves Golf is to help you get better and get better FASTER.

The number one excuse we get about not using us (Graves Golf) to help an individual with his game is Moe did it himself without any help.  Here are a few facts about how Moe did it himself:

1.  Moe hit thousands of golf balls a day – literally until his hands bled from hitting so many golf balls.

2.  Moe was 12 years old when he started to “process” the single plane swing and he said he took him until he was 17 to master it.

3.  Moe practiced every day, all day, every day, all day…

4.  Moe had a form of Autism (Asperger’s we believe – he was never diagnosed) that allowed him to focus for extended periods of time on mastering his skill.  VERY few possess the ability to focus in this depth.

So, if you are young (young body) that can hit balls all day (until your hands bleed) (thousands of balls a day), can focus for hours at a time without interruption and loss of focus, and have at least the next five years to do all this… you don’t need us.    I would assume 99.99999% of you realize that is not you…   That is what we are here for…

We have taken all the information Moe provided us (Todd and I spent time studying and learning from Moe – Todd spent thousands of hours with Moe analyzing, interpreting, studying, etc..)  and we put this information in a format that will allow you to improve faster and more efficiently with your issues (age, body, time, etc..).  It will not take you 5 years,  your hands will not bleed, you don’t have to hit balls every day, all day, etc…

Why not… we have created NUMEROUS shortcuts for you!

I told you this would be a long article… I told you I was a little (more than a little) fired up… so let’s get into the “nuts and bolts” of Rating Your Chances and Speed of Improvement.


This rating/scoring will show you where you currently stand (potential for and rate of improvement) and will also show you where you can enhance your improvement and rate of improvement.

There are 9 areas – each is to be scored on a scale of 0 to 5 (sometimes 4). Keep a running count and finally a total.

(You only get X # of points per question.  There is not a total within each question.  In other words, for question #1, you will score, 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 points.  You do not add up the points within the question.)


  Single Plane Methodology:

 1.  Do you use the Single Plane methodology in ALL areas of the game (and understand how the areas relate to each other)?
         0 points – I don’t use Single Plane at all or sometimes I use it, sometimes I do not.
         1 point –   Use for full swing only or short game only.
         2 points – Use for short game (not including putting) and full swing.
         3 points – Use for entire game (putting, chipping, pitching, full swing).
         4 points – Use for entire game and understand how they are all related (studied 2 Birds with One Stone Instruction).
 (Reminder on scoring… If you answered above “Use for entire game (putting, chipping, pitching, full swing), you score 3 points.  You DO NOT score 3 + 2 + 1 + 0.   You just score 3 points. )
 2.  What do you use for Single Plane instructional material?
         0 – None – I don’t use any
         1 – Youtube, free webinars, newsletters, pocket guide and/or free portions of Graves Golf On
               Demand Only.
         2 – Above + Instructional DVD(s) (ie. Single Plane Solution, Driving for Distance, 2 Birds..)
         3 – Above + Master Class(es) (i.e Short Game Master Class, Purify Your Swing, etc..)
         5 – I have full access to Graves Golf On-Demand (All Graves Golf Instructional Material)
               (You are a Graves Golf Gold Member)
 3.  How often do you practice (outdoor and/or indoor)?
         0 – Never or too few times to mention.
         1 – Once a month
         2 – Once a week
         3 – A couple of days a week
         4 – At least 4 days a week.
         5 – At least 6 days a week
 4.  Do you know EXACTLY what to work on when you practice?
         0 – I have no idea, I just guess
         1 – I practice what I think I was doing incorrectly the last time I played.
         2 – I practice what I saw on a video, youtube, webinar, etc…
         3 – I practice what I learned at a previous Graves Golf school (no matter how long ago).
         5 – I know exactly what to work on from a coach who has seen my swing (in the past few weeks) and has given me drills, described my faults and their fixes, etc…
 5.  Do you spend time practicing both long game and short game when you practice?
         0 – No, I just practice long game (or short game) (not both)
         1 – I spend the majority of my time practicing the long game, some (minimal) on short game.
         2 – I spend 75% of my time practicing long game and 25% of my time practicing short game.
         3 – I spend 50% of my time practicing long game and 50% of my time practicing short game.
         4 – I perform 50/50 practice in Practice Type B settings and when getting ready to play in competition (Type A practice), I change to a majority of practice time in the short game.
 6.  Do you use Graves Golf training aids when you practice (as checkpoints, etc..)?
         0 – I never use training aid(s)
         1 – I sometimes use training aid(s) (Alignment and Ball position trainer (ABT), Excalibur, etc..)
         2 – I use training aid(s) when I feel I am hitting it badly or need help, but not other times.
         3 – I use training aid(s) for the majority of my practice sessions.
         4 – I use training aid(s) every practice session.  EVERY practice session.
         5 – I use multiple training aids EVERY practice session (ie. ABT combined with Training Grip club, Excalibur with Throw a Hole, Short Game ABT with Short Game Impact Trainer, etc…)
 Personal Instruction:
 7.  Do you send videos to the Graves Golf Coaches for personal instruction?
         0 – I have never sent in videos.
         1 –  I have sent in videos but don’t anymore.
         2 – I send in a video once a month or less
         3 – I send in videos of my full swing only every couple of weeks
         4 – I send in videos of my full swing only weekly
         5 – I send in videos of my short game, full swing, drills, etc.. weekly
 8.  Do you have a Graves Golf contact for questions about your swing, short game, etc..?
         0 – I have no one to contact or don’t know who to contact.
         1 –  I post on Facebook, blogs, and social media and look for responses.
         2 – I use social media and ask questions on the webinar(s).
         3 – I use the above + will email Graves Golf with questions and comments.
         4 – I use Graves Golf Concierge Program and can ask any and all questions I want.
         5 – I use Graves Golf Concierge Program and have a coach I send videos to that answers my questions directly related to my swing, short game faults, etc…
 9.  Do your clubs (equipment) fit YOU and your Single Plane Swing?
         0 – Have never had my clubs fit or I was fit at a non-single plane fitter (ie Club Champion, etc..)
         1 –  I think they might be fit….. (a long time ago..)
         2 – Some of my clubs were fit, some were not.  (ie. irons fit, wedges and putter not..)
         3 – The majority of my clubs are fit (ie. not the putter..)
         4 – All clubs are fit perfect (no excuses in the bag) (From Driver to the putter including wedges)
         5 – All clubs fit perfectly and have NEW technology (all clubs less than 2 years old).
 10.  Have you been to a Graves Golf school in the past 6 months?
         0 – No, I have not been to a school in the past 6 months.
         1 –  I have been to a one day school
         2 – I have been to a 3-day school
         3 – I have been to a 5-day school
         4 – I have been to a Specialty school (Short Game School, Alumni School, Bio School, AAI School)
         5 – I have been to Multiple schools (in the past 6 months)
SCORING: (The higher your score the faster you will improve)
Review (Remember):
Of 100% of Golfers who practice:
50% will get worse after practice
40% will get no better
10% will improve
0 to 10 points –  You are in the 50% group (you get worse when you practice).  Chances are single plane is just another method you have tried and will not stick with it…  When you practice, you are making yourself worse, and eventually, it will lead to damage to the body (back, hips, elbows, etc..)
11 to 19 points – You are in the 50% group.  Chances are you will stick with single plane for a while (you are invested in the swing a little), but with age, body issues, etc.. etc.. you will not get better.
Frustration will eventually set in and you will either try another method or stop practicing together.
20 to 24 points –  You are close to the 40% group (showing no improvement when you practice).  At least you are not getting worse…. as long as you do not get older (loss of distance), do not have body issues, and don’t have any outside issues on your game (stop practicing, etc..).  Your game will stay the same year after year…   (Hate to tell you… we all get older, most have or eventually will have body issues (arthritis, bad hips, knees, etc..)  and life always gets in the way at times..)
25 to 29 points – You are in the 40% group.  Sometimes you will get better with practice, sometimes you will not.  Overall you will see minimal to no improvement.  At least you are not getting worse… you will stay the same month after month, year after year…
30 to 34 points – You are in the 40% group.  Sometimes you will get better, sometimes you will not.  Overall (after a few months, etc..) you will see some (minimal) improvement.   It will not seem very fast…
You will see some frustration in the rate of improvement… you expected faster improvement with this much practice time….
35 to 39 points – You are in the 10% group (get better every time you practice),  but must be very careful as it is VERY easy to fall into the 40% group (improve sometime, get worse sometimes, improve sometime, etc..).  Improvement will sometimes seem fast, sometimes it will not… You will want to get better at a more rapid pace (we all do…).
40 points +  Congrats – You are in the 10% group.  But still, there might / will be areas to improve and you MUST keep up all areas (keep sending in videos, keep equipment updated, keep using training aids when you practice, etc..) or you can quickly fall out of the 10% group.  The higher your score/ratings, the FASTER you will improve.
REMEMBER:  The higher your score the faster you will improve – No matter your current level of golf.
You can have a 30 handicap and if you score over 40 points you will see rapid improvement.
You can have a 10 handicap and if you score over 40 points you will see rapid improvement.
You can. be a scratch golfer, and if you score over 40 points you will see rapid improvement.
Here is your bonus for finishing this article (to me, that means you are serious about your game and getting better..)
This is an offer we have NEVER made…
If you would like a personal call from a Graves Golf  Professional Single Plane Coach –
Email me at timg@gravesgolf.com your phone number and write “Have a Coach Call Me” in the email.
You can also write anything in the email you want to talk about… or leave blank .. up to you.
We will call you within the next 2 weeks or sooner (as soon as possible – I’m assuming many will be interested.. first response will be first called) and just talk, answer any and all questions, and help you with whatever you need.
We will talk to you about improvement.
We will talk to you about your golf game.
We will talk to you about how to improve faster.
We will answer your golf questions…
No pressure, just talk…
(This is NOT a sales call… if it was, you would call my marketing department contacts, this is a call with one of our Single Plane Coaches)
We might play “phone tag” a little, but we will eventually talk…
Again – One time offer… email me at timg@gravesgolf.com and write “Have a Coach Call Me”
Let me know the best phone number to call you.
We want to help you get better faster using your Single Plane Swing and short game!
Let’s talk soon!
1.  Graves Golf 2 Birds with One Stone Instruction:  CLICK HERE
2.  Graves Golf On Demand:  CLICK HERE
3.  Graves Golf Training Aids:  CLICK HERE
4.  Graves Golf Training Aids / Product Training:  CLICK HERE
5.  Graves Golf Single Plane Academy Gold Membership Information:  CLICK HERE
6.  Graves Golf Concierge Program:  CLICK HERE
7.  Graves Golf Single Plane Custom Fitting Forms:
     Full Swing:  CLICK HERE
     Putter:  CLICK HERE

8.  Graves Golf School Information:  CLICK HERE



AGAIN – Don’t hesitate to email at  timg@gravesgolf.com  with any questions and happy to set up a call with you.   Just email with your phone number and say “Have a Coach Call Me”

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