Putter Fitter

According to the PGA:

One of the most stressful events a golfer can put on his/her back is putting – especially practice. This is one of the only extended times you will bend at the waist without relieving the stress to the back (as in a full swing).

With this said – also remember – close to 43% of scoring in the golf game occurs on the green (putting) for the average golfer – so we CAN NOT neglect this part of the game.

Recommendations to help alleviate back issues when putting:

  1. Stretch well before you start putting – I see many starts to putt (the first thing they do at the course) and do not stretch properly.
  2. Don’t stand in the same position for a prolonged period or stay bent over, such as when practicing putting. If you can’t relocate, at least shift from one foot to another, or stand up and stretch, or walk around.
  3. Get a putter that fits you. There is recommended lengths – but one that ultimately fits you is one that does not make your back sore. In other words, the recommended length for a short putter for a 6-foot tall individual is 35 inches. But, if a 35-inch putter makes your back sore – get a longer one. These are only recommendations. If you can’t alleviate the pain with a short putter – try a belly putter or long putter. There is minimal bend in the back with a long putter – one of the primary reasons tour players go to belly or long putters – to save their backs.

Recommended lengths:

Short putter: 35 inches – 6-foot tall golfer (1/2 inch difference for every one inch in height, i.e. 5’10” tall – 34-inch putter)

Belly putter: 44 inches – 6-foot tall golfer (1/2 inch difference for every one inch in height, i.e. 5’10” tall – 43 inches)

Long putter: 48 inches – 6-foot tall golfer (1-inch difference for every one inch in height, i.e. 6’2″ tall – 50 inches).

These are ONLY RECOMMENDATIONS – the key is to get a putter that is comfortable for your back and posture.

Good Luck – Let us know if we can help you in any way in fitting your putter or clubs…

We work with most major manufacturers and have accounts with them in which they build clubs to fit your single axis specs.



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