Putt Your Way to A Great Golf Swing – Indoor Training (Starting This Week)

This Wednesday (October 6th) we are holding our first indoor / training webinar (Graves Golf Gold Members 10%ers Hour) for the Fall 2021 season.

During this webinar I will discuss how working on your short game (putting, chipping and pitching), if done properly, can and will dramatically improve your long game.

It always surprises me how many don’t understand this concept – working on proper short game fundamentals will improve your long game.


So – thought would talk about the first (putting) and how working on putting can help your long game.

Fundamental #1 – Hands Leading

In every shot in golf – your hands should lead at impact. In other words, your hands will be ahead of the golf ball at impact including putting. Then why do most average golfers set up with their hands behind the ball when putting?

When you set up over a putt, your hands must be ahead of the golf ball. The butt end of your putter grip should be forward of your belly button.

If your hands do not lead when you putt, it is guaranteed your hands will not be leading in your full swings. If your hands are not leading, you are training your body to make impact with the golf ball with the hands behind the ball. (Aka casting in the full swing).

Fundamental #2 – Face Square at set up and Impact

How are you checking to make sure your club face (putter face) is square at set up and impact?

It is strongly recommended you use a check system to make sure your putter is square at set up and impact (square to where you are trying to hit the ball).

It is surprising how many golfers do not have a square face and compensate during the stroke.

The picture above shows using the Graves Golf Excalibur (Indoor / Outdoor Putter Training Aid) – checking the putter face angle.

And – can almost guarantee – problem squaring your putter face, same problem squaring any club face…

Fundamental # 3 – Hands Down the Line

How do you check to make sure your hands go “down the line” past impact?

Your hands should go down the line and toward the intended target through impact.

Most golfers struggle with this fundamental. Their hands go in and up through and past impact. Your hands should go down the line through impact. As you see in the picture below the putter face is still square past impact and down the line. This check will make sure your hands are going “down the line” toward your target.

Here is another picture of the hands “down the target line”:

In the full swing, your hands must go down the line through impact. You can have an on plane golf swing – but if your hands do not go down the line, it will cause impact with a club face coming to impact at an angle (out to in, etc..). This is a start to working on getting your club face and hands down the line.

These are 3 putting fundamentals you can check that, if done correct, will not only greatly improve your putting, but will also help your full swing.


Hope you can join us this Wednesday, Oct 6th in our hour long instruction on indoor training.

If you would like more information on how to join us in this instructional webinar, please:  CLICK HERE

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