The last four months have been extraordinary. Since the Acquisition of Natural Golf at the end of last year, our focus as a company has become even more clear – to apply Moe Norman’s Single Plane Fundamentals to help simplify your golf game. Let’s review just how far, on the path with Natural Golf, we’ve come.

1993 – Natural Golf Starts up – teaching a split grip/Large Grips on Clubs/Extra Long Clubs
1994 – Introduction of Natural Golf To Moe Norman
1995 – Moe Featured on the Cover of Golf Digest
1995 – Natural Golf Instruction evolves more toward Moe/bringing hands together – no more split.
1997 – The Natural Golf Infomercial – Introducing the Single Plane to hundreds of thousands
2001 – Natural Golf goes public/moving its instruction further from Moe Norman – focus on club sales
2001 – The Natural Golf Makeover on the Golf Channel – focus on club sales
2003 – Natural Golf is purchased under a new ownership – focus further on club sales
2003 – GGA produces the “Little Moe Swing for Life” Video series – keeping focus on Moe
2007 – Natural Golf is purchased again under new ownership – focus still on club sales

The Back to Moe Period
Late 2007- Moe Norman Golf Academy is launched by Natural Golf
2007 – is launched by GGA
2010 – Single Plane Solution is produced by GGA – focus on Moe Norman’s golf swing mechanics
2010 – GGA Launches the Single Plane Academy (membership site)
2010 – GGA Launches live broadcasts – webinars
2011 – Natural Golf is purchased by GGA – the end of club focus
2011 – GGA Produces The Drills Video – Making Feel Real
2012 – Moe Norman, Natural Golf and the Single Plane are now under GGA

The Future
The Legacy of Moe Norman and the Single Plane – all under GGA

As you can see by this history, all of this has been an Evolution of a great concept and technique (the Single Plane) validated and demonstrated by Moe Norman – that has gone through a transformation to now being in our hands (GGA) where our focus is completely about instruction using Moe Norman as the model.

Stay tuned for our latest developments of the GGA Single Plane Training Program coming soon.

Until then. Stay focused and Keep it simple.

Todd Graves