Process and Progress of GGA Alumni – The Path

Process and Progress of GGA Alumni – The Path

This past Monday and Tuesday we had the privilege of again teaching a group of our alumni at our academy in Orlando. This is always a treat for us as we get to see the improvement of our students and help them continue on their path to great golf games.

What I want to talk about in this Practice Tip is what I always tell our students to focus on… How are other golfers similar to themselves are getting better and what do you (as a student) need to “copy” or imitate to follow the same path?

I believe, as most instructors believe, it is not about “reinventing the wheel” but rather using what is out there working for others to work for you… I took some statistics from those attending our alumni school… thought this might help those with their path to a better game.

(If you doubt the stats or opinions we are suggesting – remember that the alumni who attended the school are reading this also….)

1. There were 12 alumni who attended our school this week (both male and female) at our school.

  • Age range: 45 to 75 years
  • Past history with the GGA – Minimal
  • One 3 day school in past up to one student who has attended five 3 day schools and 3 Build Your Game Camps.
  • Handicap of Students – Range – 8 to a 34.
  • Handicap reduction (with GGA) – Of those interviewed: 4 had a reduction of around 25%, 3 had a reduction of 50% and 1 had reduction of 60%.
    • (Example – one noted reducing handicap from 20 when he began with GGA to a 14 … approx. 25% reduction)


2. Todd and I discussed following the first day – With minimal exception (one student) all the alumni had GOOD to VERY GOOD Grips (hand placement on the clubs). This was absolutely FANTASTIC to us… You have heard us state hundreds of times – we primarily teach the grip – seems like 75% ++ of our teaching revolves around changing the hands to proper positions that lead to good swings/ on plane with leverage and speed, etc… Our alumni group had solved the issue of the grip (or were well on their way…).

* Why??? I will be 100% biased here… and yes, you can take this as a sales tactic – that is 100% fine with me – all but one has our Training Grip – and they all stated they use it frequently. In fact, many brought their own to our school and I could tell they had been used a lot… THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! And obviously – they have been told many times through our instructional material and in person (maybe “harped at” is more like it) the importance of a good grip.

3. Their set ups were for the most part good. Now, you noticed I didn’t say great… most still had some work to do in this area… but they were again well on their way to getting a good single axis set up. I will call it “tweaking” their setups, rather than building or overhauling…

4. Todd put each student on video both days (we are able to do this as we don’t have to cover the basics as we do in our 3 day schools, etc..) and the majority quickly realized what they needed to work on – meaning, they could see quickly their swing faults and knew how to make adjustments with some help.

This is what we call perception vs. reality in the golf swing. Perceiving what you need to work on and putting it into “reality” in their swing…

* We believe the ease of this perception vs. reality and putting into effect is because our alumni typically have a very good knowledge of our teaching material – they take time to study the Total Game Overview and 7 principles… and call/email and/or visit our chatroom when they have questions … Fact – Of the 12 alumni at our school – 8 visit our forum frequently and most of these ask weekly questions.

5. Drills, drills, and more drills. It became very obvious, very fast, that most worked on our suggested drills quite often. For example – when we discussed and suggested the PVC pivot point drill – after minimal explanation and example – most mastered without any problem. And most stated they perform drills quite often at home, (hopefully in front of a mirror, etc..). You could definitely tell the majority knew to work on and master individual positions rather than being overwhelmed with the entire swing…

Couple More Interesting Points:

  1. We talked about the Cause/Effect relationship on Day #1. Was great to see so many of our alumni look at themselves on video and say about certain issues in their swings “That is an effect – I can’t fix that – but can fix the Cause which will, in turn, solve the effect” Please, please, please – determine what are Causes and what are Effects in your own swing – Remember you can fix the Cause, not the Effect. Fixing the Cause will, in turn, fix the Effect.
  2. The majority of our alumni have learned how to “pace” themselves. Maybe again, after enough of our “harping” hopefully they realize it is not how many golf balls you hit, but the quality of the practice you put into hitting the balls. For example, was very common to see a student hit the leverage bag a few times, swing the PVC a couple of times and then hit a couple of balls… not a ball beating session.

Again – this is not a typical GGA practice tip – but we believe there is some VERY VALUABLE points/advice to be learned from fellow single plane golfers just like you… again – don’t reinvent the wheel, but rather use what is there, put into your “path” and go along with them to MUCH BETTER golf!!!


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