Perfect Practice – Moe Story

Hi Everyone,

One of the best times we have at our schools is having lunch with all our students. My staff and our students spend about 45 minutes each school day enjoying lunch (and a good break). It always seems the lunch talk turns to Moe and our stories about Moe.  This past weekend was no different – and it reminded me of a story I wanted to share with everyone and maybe it will help your practice a little.

A few years after Todd met Moe, we went back down to Orlando for a few weeks (in the winter) to work on our games for the upcoming golf season. Todd had scheduled some time in his schedule to meet with Moe at his home course in Titusville, FL (Royal Oaks) and continue his work on mastering Moe’s swing.

Early one morning – we traveled from Orlando to Titusville to meet Moe. Todd met Moe at the clubhouse and proceeded to go the range with Moe. This day Todd was working on proper impact with the driver, facing ball at impact and the proper release.

Moe showed Todd what he thought he was doing and they proceeded to practice. I remember hitting a few balls next to Moe and Todd, but was more interested in watching what they were doing.

First – as Todd and Moe practiced, Moe would show Todd his positions, but always referred to his positions very “slow” and seemed to exaggerate them when he showed them… Meaning, he would show the positions in slow motion and make a point to go “beyond” where you needed to in the swing.

Todd started to practice, and I remember Moe saying “Slow down. Bump the ball off the tee. Feel the positions – slow down.”

As most know, it is very difficult to not hit a driver hard… when you put the driver in your hands, most want to swing it hard… but Moe didn’t want any of that. He wanted Todd to slow down, hit it slow, feel the positions.

I remember about that time, I went to the putting green to hit a few putts/chips as we were going to play a few holes later… but I could still see Todd working with Moe from the green.

For the next hour, all Todd did was very short “bump drills/shots” with the driver in slow motion. Only taking the driver to waist high in the back swing and then “bumping” the golf ball off the tee and going to waist high in the through swing. And doing this in slow motion – VERY SLOW.

After an about an hour I went to Todd and asked if he wanted to go play a few holes… he said he was going to continue to practice… I went and played a couple of holes, came back and guess what Todd was still doing…… yup – the slow motion bump drill working on proper positions. Moe had gone in for a while, went to hit a few putts, and returned to watch Todd and make sure he was still working on proper positions…  I just remember him telling Todd – slow down, feel the positions… slow motion type of practice…..

Let’s discuss perfect practice a little… what is perfect practice to you?

For most, it is going to the range, hitting a few golf balls and hoping the figure something out.

How many of you practice in slow motion?

How many of you practice in slow motion to feel the positions?

How many of you are confident enough in your knowledge of the golf swing you would know what the perfect positions of the golf swing are?

It’s pretty interesting at our schools. We have our students work on the PVC drill the first day to work on the different positions of the golf swing. For most, it isn’t anything new as they have done the PVC drill many times at home. But to us (instructors), it is interesting as 9 out of 10 students don’t “hit” the different positions correct. In other words, they have been doing the PVC drill at home, but not correct…. what is this doing to their swing?

Perfect practice involves knowing what you are working on. Not guessing.

Perfect practice involves A LOT of slow-motion practice to make sure you are doing correct and allows you to “feel” the positions.

Perfect practice involves a “check system” that allows you to make sure you are doing it right. Maybe in front of a mirror, maybe videoing, maybe having someone else watch…

If you’re really serious about getting better – you will figure out how to practice perfect. Come find us – we’ll give you many things to work on, but more importantly we’ll show you how to practice. So that every time you practice, you will make sure and make yourself better.

Remember – Always Practice with a Purpose.

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