We have been asked to extend our school/camp specials for a few days.

Many have been away on vacation (away from their emails, etc.) and still want to get in on our specials before they expire.

You asked, we listened and responded.

Here is the OVERVIEW of the extended special on our premier camps and schools (Extended through this Friday, Jan 6th):

When you purchase a school or camp (or certificate) within the next week you will receive:

  1. Instant $300 off 3 Day Premier schools
  2. Instant $500 off 5 Day Build Your Game Camp
  3. Instant access to GGA’s “Home Study” Online school ($400 value)
  4. 20% off coupon for all GGA’s products purchased at your school, and up to 45 days after your school ($250+ value)
  5. 52% discount on GGA Annual Coaching Program membership. Comes free with 5 day Build Your Game Camp attendance. ($524 value)
  6. 60-day, 30 video follow up after your school, recapping each area of your school experience ($300 value)

Note #1: The 2017 School and Camp Pricing is increasing once this special expires. Meaning, you will be saving more then $300/$500 if you purchase now.

Note #2: If you do not know which school/camp you want to attend (schedule) – Purchase a certificate NOW. The certificate includes ALL the special pricing and bonuses and the certificate DOES NOT expire. Use anytime. Will save you a lot of $$$$ if you plan on attending in the future.

Note #3: Many of our spring 2o17 schools in Orlando and Phoenix are close to sold out or are already sold out. Here is what is remaining with the number open spots (as of today Jan. 1st):

Feb. 6 – 10th     Orlando   5 Day Build Your Game Camp    3 Spots Open

Feb. 24 – 26th  Phoenix    3 Day School                                   4 Spots Open  * Special AIM Point Putting Session Added*

Mar. 6 – 10th    Orlando    5 Day Build Your Game Camp    3 Spots Open

Mar. 6 – 10th    Phoenix    5 Day Build Your  Game Camp   4 Spots Open

Mar. 23 – 25th  Orlando    3 Day School                                   5 Spots Open

Mar. 23 – 25th  Phoenix    3 Day School                                   5 Spots Open

Apr. 21 – 23rd   Orlando    3 Day School                                   6 Spots Open

* We had over 225 spots open for this spring – this is all that is left.  STRONGLY recommend if interested to enroll ASAP.

Note #4: We have not set our schedules for May – Dec. 2017 as of today (most courses do not schedule until after 1st of year), but we set a “tentative” monthly schedule:

May:  OKC and Houston

June: Chicago

July: Chicago / Possibly Pacific NW

Aug:  OKC

Sept:  Las Vegas

Oct:  Las Vegas / Phoenix / San Diego

Nov:  Phoenix / Orlando

Note #5: If you are interested in a payment plan (lay away type program) we have set up lay away plans for the schools and camps (and certificates).  Contact us for more information.

Note #6: These are our premier schools and camps featuring Tim & Todd Graves and the Graves Golf Academy Single Plane Master Instructors.

To see more information about the school specials: CLICK HERE

Please feel free to contact me at with additional questions or comments.

We hope to see everyone soon!

** These are BY FAR the best specials you will see on our schools / camps **