We have just finished our inaugural school of 2013 at the Orlando Academy, and I have to simply say this – “Wish you were here”!

We couldn’t have ordered better weather, it was absolutely perfect all 3 days of the school. The golf course and practice facility are in the best shape I’ve seen them in for years, the Eagle Creek staff is just top notch, I could go on and on.

I’ve included a few pictures of last weekend’s school so you can see what I’m talking about:

Through the end of April, we will be holding school at the Orlando Academy, including:

  • 3 day schools
    • Feb. 22nd – 24th
    • Apr. 26th-28th
  • 5 day Build Your Game Camps (includes $1,000 of free instruction; membership to Premier online coaching program for 1 year)
    • Feb. 6th-10th
    • Apr. 8th-12th
  • 2 day Alumni school (for GGA Alumni)
    • Feb. 25th & 26th (this is likely the ONLY Alumni school of this year, so get in it!)
  • 2 day On Course/Practice School
    • Mar. 7th & 8th
    • Brand NEW school from GGA, focusing on how to play with the mindset of a pro to record your best score, and how to practice properly, on the correct things, in the correct way
  • 2 day Short Game School
    • Mar. 9th & 10th (ONLY short game school of 2013)
    • Led by PGA section Teacher of the Year Tim Graves
    • Guaranteed to lower your scores quickly

Also, in the month of February, we are having the following Single Plane Experience schools, taught by GGA Instructor Jerry Martin in Palm Springs, CA:

  • Feb. 16th – 1 day Single Plane Experience
  • Feb. 17th & 18th – 2 day Single Plane Experience
  • Mar. 2nd – 1 day Single Plane Experience
  • Mar. 10th & 11th – 2 day Single Plane Experience
  • Mar. 16th – 1 day Single Plane Experience
  • Mar. 23rd & 24th – 2 day Single Plane Experience

The Single Plane Experience Program is the newest school program from GGA, featuring qualified and trained GGA instructors to lead you through a short term program to get you on the path to Single Plane perfection!

As you can see, there’s a lot coming up with GGA school programs in the next couple months, and spaces are limited, so check out our Calendar page, book your spot, and we’ll see you this spring!  Here’s to your best year yet on the course!