EagleCreeklogo Eagle Creek Golf Club, Florida home of the Graves Golf Academy is an 18-hole 7,198 yard-Par73 championship Orlando public golf course, opening in March 2004 and is located minutes from Orlando International Airport, near prestigious Lake Nona. This Orlando public golf course was designed by world renowned golf architect Ron Garl and European designer, Howard Swan. The Orlando public golf course has five par 5’s, five sets of tees and over 90 bunkers that are reminiscent of those found in Scotland and England. In addition, the course is an Audubon International Silver Signature Course and is the first golf course in Florida with Mini-Verde greens, providing outstanding playing conditions.
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THE SINGLE PLANE | Simplifies Impact

It’s much easier for the golfer to arrive soundly at impact and hit the ball solidly with the Single Plane Swing. Moe Norman accomplished this in the following ways:

  1. Establishing the same plane at address and impact
  2. Keeping both feet completely grounded back and through, eliminating spine lift
  3. Minimizing shoulders and hip movement

MORE CONSISTENT | Easier to Repeat


Consistency increases when unnecessary rotation is eliminated. Moe reduced rotation by:

  1. Placing the trail hand in a non-rotational position on the club
  2. Placing the lead hand in a neutral position
  3. Stabilizing the trail knee, reducing rotation
  4. Creating a solid A-frame foundation with a wide stance
  5. Maintaining a flexed lead knee through impact, reducing lead hip rotation
  6. Tilting the spine (face-on view) places trail shoulder on plane, eliminating shoulder over-rotation

EASIER ON THE BODY | Less Overall Stress

Moe’s swing is easier on the body:

  1. Spine compression radically decreases when the spine doesn’t move up
  2. Flexed left knee takes stress off the back
  3. Shallower swing path reduces stress on hands and arms due to proper spacing
  4. Stress on the back is eliminated when the spine remains in same tilt through the swing

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