One Percent

As I write this, we’ve just completed one of our final 5 day Build Your Game Camps of 2013. We only have one, maybe two more of these 5 day programs remaining on our calendar for 2013.

While every one of our school programs is a great experience for both golf students and the instruction staff, the past camp was interesting, and well, special. Let me explain.

This camp featured a varied mixture of golfers from all over the world. We had a student from New Zealand who is a true fan of everything Moe Norman and a student of the game of golf. We had a young man who is competing in U.S. Open qualifying using the Moe Norman Single Plane swing, 2 sets of husbands and wives, and 2 returning GGA Alumni. Of the 10 attendees at the school, 4 were women, one of whom was a beginning golfer.

What made this Camp special was how each of these golfers, regardless of their current ability in the game, came to the school with a mind open to learning. They came with a determination that their best days of golf were in front of, not behind them, and they worked diligently to achieve throughout the program.

And their attitude and hard work paid off. At the conclusion of the camp, each left tired but refreshed, frustrated but hopeful, ready to go home but wanting more. Ten strangers become friends, confidants, brothers and sisters over the past week.

From my perspective as the school program manager, it’s always amazing to watch golfers attending our schools evolve. You see, what I’ve learned over the years is that golfers who take any type of instruction at all represent about 1% of the golf population, and those who attend schools away from home are an even smaller percentage.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that the golf school programs are truly far superior to the one hour “tune up” lesson in a vast array of ways, most notably that each golfer attending a school ends up getting about 35-50 “lessons” throughout the program. You see, with a staff of instructors all teaching every student toward the same goal, but with different styles, each student is able to find the keys they need to make true and lasting changes and improvement to their game.

Suffice to say I could go on and on about the school programs and the benefits I see golfers get from them each and every time, however, in closing, I firmly believe that the 1 percent of the 1 percent that take the plunge and attend a golf school experience thing that the average golfer never gets;

  1. Hope that they can improve
  2. Direction on exactly how to achieve that improvement
  3. Camaraderie with a group of like minded golfers
  4. A new attitude and understanding of the game and how to approach it.

I invite you to join the 1% of the 1%. I did over 10 years ago, and that experience changed the course of not only my game, but my life. Will it do the same for you and your game?

As we welcome the summer months, the numbers of our schools for the remainder of the year are getting fewer and fewer, so if you’re ready to change course, we are ready to help. You can check out schedule for the school most convenient for you –

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