Old Hacker Into Better Player from 3,000 Miles

Great story Tim but obviously this young lad had got a lot of ability to start with if he’s stroke average was78.5. And having youth on his side.

(Referring to “One Thing at a Time” Article)

My experience is nowhere near his but one I would like to share. I am 62 and have been playing golf on and off since my teenage years. But really regular from my late twenties.

My first club handicap at the age of 30 was 21. At the age of 59 my handicap was 22. In these years I had paid out on many hours of PGA instruction to the point of being told you hit the ball like a pro and the next shot like you have just picked up a golf club. His advice was to Just go play and practice and I think he gave up on me.

My best round of 22 had been in a friendly to shoot 84. Then 3 years ago just by chance I came across (you guys). I tried copying what he was teaching and there was a improvement in my driving. I had my leg pulled over how I was setting up, but started having the last laugh when winning the money.

So I became a gold member about 2 years ago, it coincided with lockdown here in England. I bought a net and started to study the lessons, practice and send in videos. I know it might sound silly but sending in my first video was hard because I  didn’t want to look bad and get a knock to my confidence.

But once past this and having great response and help, I spent lockdown practicing. When golf was opened up and we could start playing again my handicap dropped for the first time in 30 odd years.

In one season I dropped from 22 to 14.6 and on a good day can shoot below my handicap.

This winter I’m working on my nemesis, the short game. Always been totally hopeless from 50 yards in and chipping. I was just a nervous wreck every time I stood over one. But with two birds and one stone and determination practice and sending in my videos I can feel it coming.

So a big thank you to at Graves golf and the Gold membership although attending a school is a bit too far off my bus route you guys are fantastic.

And can even make an old hacker from over 3000 miles away into a better player from a 22 handicap to 14, something 30 years of frustration couldn’t do.

Paul D.  West Midlands, UK

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