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As most of you likely know, the core of the GGA Instruction Team resides in and around Oklahoma City, OK. It’s been home to Todd and Tim for over 40 years, and the rest of the team all have homes in the OKC area. Earthquakes, tornadoes and all, it’s home.

Oklahoma City also is the home for GGA’s World Teaching Headquarters – a 3,000 square foot teaching center fully equipped with video instruction bays, putting carpet, conference room, offices and much more. Below is a short 3-minute video tour of the Academy; I walk you through the academy, showing you the layout and how the facility functions. Take a look!

As you may have seen in recent emails, our team has set a goal of making our OKC Academy the “go to” spot for Single Plane Golfers. The mecca of Single Plane if you will. In setting this goal, we made the decision to do something that we haven’t done in the past 5 years; lower prices.

As you see in the graphic above, we have lowered the pricing of our 3-day schools and 5-day Build Your Game Camps here at the OKC Academy by just at 40%. Other than the obvious financial savings, what does this mean for you when picking a location to attend a school?

  1. Regardless of where you attend a GGA Premier school, the programs are identical. A 3-day school in Phoenix is the same as a 3-day school in Orlando or Oklahoma City. The curriculum doesn’t change with the location. Just because OKC schools are priced lower doesn’t mean the quality of the program decreases. You’ll get the same team here as you would at any of our other locations.
  2. Todd and Tim Graves will be at all OKC Premier schools. While we have started conducting schools across the country that Todd and Tim are not at together, should you come to OKC, you will get them both.
  3. A small, convenient airport that’s easy to navigate. Will Rogers World airport isn’t a hub for any airline, so you won’t experience long security lines, long waits for car rental shuttles, etc. While you will most likely have to connect someplace to get into OKC, once you are here, you’ll find it simple to navigate the airport and brand new car rental center.
  4. A wealth of hotel and restaurant options. The hotels we recommend for our students are in an area where you could dine at a different restaurant each meal for 5 straight days and never eat at the same place twice. In addition, OKC has some great “local” eateries that we can recommend for you.
  5. A wonderful downtown area. Downtown OKC, called Bricktown, is a great place to walk and unwind after a school day. A riverwalk lined with shops, bars, and one of a kind restaurant offers a lot for you, or your spouse if he/she comes with you to OKC.
  6. The locals. Oklahoma folks are some of the kindest people you will ever come across. People here are neighborly all the time.

Bottom line for you as an aspiring Single Plane Golfer; you won’t find another location like Oklahoma City for a school. As our team doesn’t have to travel, we are passing our savings directly on to you. Join us in OKC. You’ll save some $’s, and fall in love with a city that most consider “fly over” country!

See you here!