Moe Norman’s: Classic Swing Secrets Clinic Found At Last!

At last, you get a chance to see…

The Lost Golf Lessons Of “Pipeline Moe”
– The Greatest Ball-Striker To Play The Game

Never-before-released vintage video shows legendary golf genius Moe Norman teaching his closely-guarded secrets to owning the picture perfect swing he called
“The Feeling of Greatness”

“Only two players have ever truly owned their swing: Moe Norman and Ben Hogan.
I want to own mine…”

– Tiger Woods as reported in Golf Digest (January 2005)

Dear GGA Subscriber,
I’ve got some exciting news for you.
As you may know, a few weeks ago I got a call out of the blue.
“Doc” Suttie was on the line. He had stumbled upon a rare video of Moe Norman.
The video was shot in 1992 in Florida. Moe is holding a one-on-one clinic with “Doc.”
When I heard that, I nearly fell out of my chair.
I was under the impression I either outright owned (or had acquired the rights to) all of Moe’s instructional material.

Quick Side Note: Dr. Jim Suttie is one of the world’s best and most respected golf instructors. He holds several distinctions:

  • 2000 PGA National Teacher of the Year…
  • Golf Digest Best 50 teacher since ranking established…
  • Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher.

“Doc” Suttie’s notable students include:

  • Paul Azinger – PGA Championship, 13 Tour wins and Captain of the Ryder Cup 2011…
  • Chip Beck – Champions Tour, 4 PGA Tour wins and Vardon Trophy Winner… and…
  • Kevin Streeleman – PGA Tour with 1 Tour win in 2013

These are just a handful of his students playing golf at the highest levels of both the amateur and pro ranks.

Guess I was wrong.
That’s neither here nor there.
What’s important to you is this: I asked Doc Suttie to send me a copy. When it came in, I was as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning.
I ripped open the package, popped the video in… and… watched it without hardly blinking my eyes. In the video, Moe goes deep into the mechanic’s of the Single Plane Swing.
He demonstrates the swing by hitting over 200 balls.
All the while, he reveals the “hidden-in-plain-sight” secrets to…

The Perfect Golf Swing!

Moe covers everything from the address position to the follow-through.
He does it in a way I’ve never seen before.
In fact, the only time I’ve witnessed Moe break down his swing component-by-component was during private instruction with him.
I spent 11 years as his friend and student. During those years, I took copious notes (tell you more about that in a bit) and practiced his swing until my fingers bled.
Got so good people started calling me “Little Moe.”
So when I saw this video, I knew from firsthand experience this was some of the most exclusive instruction direct from Moe.
Stuff nobody outside of his “inner circle” of friends, personal students, elite pros and top-level instructors ever laid eyes on.
What struck me was that Moe explains how he felt when swinging the club.
This is what he calls “The Feeling Of Greatness.”
You know it when you hit the ball just right. And then it flies so farso straight… and so true… it almost brings tears of joy to your eyes.
I convinced Doc Suttie to let me share this video with Graves Golf Academy subscribers and students. He agreed. Which was great.
We decided to call this video…

Lost Lessons Of Moe Norman


Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover when you watch this amazing and rare footage of Moe in action…

  • Why “upper body” players have a decided advantage when it comes to repeating a smooth and accurate swing with every stroke!
  • The lower body adjustment one pro PGA tour player picked up just by watching a video of a golf clinic Moe gave at Brevard Community College in Florida!
  • Two little-known reasons why Moe Norman was the best ball-striker in the world.
    (First reason has to do with an almost “imperceptible” way he held his hands. Second reason refers to the placement of his legs from address to follow-through. Nobody does either of these things and they wonder why their swings are erratic.)
  • Moe explains the crucial element to the best swing of the day that he took when this video lesson was recorded! (See if you can spot it.)
  • Why golfers at all levels almost always “tweak” (and sometimes cripple) their backs! (Avoid these two needless actions in your swing and have a healthy back for as long as you play. Moe was still crackin’ country-mile-long drives at the ripe old age of 75 with no back problems whatsoever!)
  • Watch in wonder as 63-year-old Moe wallops a straight and true 300-yard drive… and then… reveals how his swing concentrates the natural power of his body into each and every stroke regardless of the club he uses! (It’s easier than traditional swing mechanics with less wear and tear on the body too!)
  • An unconventional way to address the ball proven to give you a “cobra-like” spring in your swing so you…


Release Maximum Force
When Hitting The Ball

  • What Lee Trevino meant when he told Moe: “You’re the longest I’ve ever seen through the ball… square.”
  • How to always launch the ball dead-center or a tad right. (Want the eye-popping accuracy of tour pros? Then follow Moe’s advice here and your shots have no choice but to land where you decide to place them.)
  • A simple exercise Moe practiced as a kid for 5 to 10 minutes at a clip (he demonstrates the position) that ingrained in his muscle memory the perfect spot to place the club so it stays on plane!
  • The big mistake of conventional golf instruction making it impossible for most players to experience their own “million-dollar swing!” (If you insist on doing this, you’ll never hit with any consistency whatsoever.)
  • Where to place your weight at impact for the greatest stability possible! (A stable stance practically guarantees repeatable results, laser beam accuracy and unbelievable distance!)
  • Another mistake of the modern swing that throws everything off kilter and usually ends up in miss hits!
  • Moe calls his shots… and… dings a car over 300 yards out in the parking lot multiple times! (Simply amazing how much control you can command over the golf swing when you know Moe’s secrets.)
  • Why Moe liked his club to change planes in the downswing and “flatten out!” (Today people who don’t know any better would laugh at his strange style… but… their snickering would turn to amazement when they saw him launch another ball waaay down range!)
  • The one secret to developing the “Feeling of Greatness” with every club in the bag! (Get this part of your swing right and it’ll transform you from a frustrated “duffer” into a…


Master Of The Golf Swing From
Anywhere On The Course!

Let’s take a quick break.
We’ll get back to more of the secrets revealed in this video. For now, I want to “drive” home an important point. I know you’re aware of Moe’s sheer genius on the golf course. But I suspect you may not know the magnitude of his accomplishments.
Indulge me for a moment. Because I think you’ll appreciate the inside scoop on this eccentric man who revolutionized the game…

Moe was completely self-taught: He figured out how to shorten the distance between the club head and the ball. Thus, he discovered by trial and error the simplest way to hit a ball on the ground with a stick.

PGA pros admit Moe was the best: Vijay Singh was asked who was the best golfer he had ever seen. His response: “Moe Norman… He was incredible.” Lee Trevino called him, “…a genius when it comes to playing the game of golf.”

His career stats are amazing: He sank 17 holes-in-one… boasted three scores of 59… four scores of 61… nine double eagles… and… set over 30 course records.

The accuracy of his swing was legendary: During one of his clinics, Moe hit 1,540 drivers in a little over 7 hours. The balls landed within 15 yards of each other. He could stand on a driving range and hit the 250 yard sign repeatedly with his driver. Not to mention, he only hit one ball out of bounds in 7 years.And so on.I could easily fill up a book with all of his accomplishments.

Now, let’s get back to more of the secrets in the video…

  • How to take the tension out of the hands and keep them relaxed through the swing! (Trust me, you’ll never guess… but… this is how it’s done if you want towering distance and the type of accuracy that’ll have your buddies shaking their heads in utter disbelief!)
  • Why your body won’t get tired when you hit the ball Moe’s simple way! (You won’t come home worn out and aching… or wake up soar and tight… even after spending hours at the practice range or on the course!)
  • The bizarre technique Moe used for hitting wedges!
  • Who is the best wedge player Moe had ever seen? You won’t know this one… but… the answer will shock and surprise you for sure!
  • How he got the nickname “Pipeline Moe” during the 1957 Canadian Open!
  • How Moe hit 200 balls and left hardly any divots in the ground! (And a group of people whose job is so much easier because of the way Moe swings his clubs!)
  • Jim and Moe talk about how Jack Nickalus’s swing action changed for the worse over the course of his career! (Here’s what Nickalus did right in the beginning that he stopped doing later on!)
  • A strange way to instant swing improvement by putting your hands “in your pocket!” (Ben Hogan always tried this on every single swing!)


The Biggest Secret In
The Game Of Golf!

  • One thing Moe does great throughout the swing motion that no one else in his day and age came close to doing! (You can train yourself to adopt this habit with ease!)
  • How to guarantee you don’t hit the ball offline even if someone paid you to do it! (Moe demonstrates how to stop hooking or slicing.)
  • Three of the most important factors to a swing that is a thing of beauty!
  • What to “say” to a hooked shot that gets away from you!
  • How to eliminate unnecessary motion, body tension and muscular stress right at the point of address! (You’ll see where Moe puts his club and why this single position allows for a powerful swing that’s easy to perform over and over again!)
  • The “elegant” solution to all your balance problems! (Feeling off-center at any point during the swing? Here’s how to fix that issue once and for all.)
  • What the two best ball-strikers who ever lived — Ben Hogan and Moe Norman — had in common! (You’ll never see this watching the current crop of pros. They just don’t get it and often struggle as a result!)
  • How conventional swing mechanics prevent you from repeating a solid swing… and for the most part… give you the opposite results you want!
  • And a whole lot more!

Pretty amazing stuff, right?
Like a piece of golf history lost in time and found again!
I mean you can’t find this video instruction anywhere else at any price.
If I stopped there, you’d be getting a collector’s item most golf enthusiasts would kill for.
I’m not sure… but… I’m willing to bet this rare video is worth at least a few hundred bucks all on its own. Let’s just say it’s a value of $300 minimum.
But guess what?
I’m not stopping there.
Because as part of this package, I’m also going to give you another never-before-released video entitled…

Todd’s Practice Notes:
How Moe Norman Taught Me To
Become A “365-Day” Golfer


For the better part of 11 years, I studied and practiced with Moe.
My game improved radically as a result.
I started smashing 275-yard drives with ease. I practically never missed fairways and greens in regulation. And I became a true “plus handicap” player with numerous under par rounds in tournaments under my belt.
All this time, I kept a written diary of the most important elements to Moe’s Single Plane Swing. These secret notes have never been shared with anyone.
As part of this special offer, I shot a video based on my notes explaining the mechanics of Moe’s swing in step-by-step fashion.
This is your fast track to developing The Feeling Of Greatness in your swing.
The video captures me showing you the 14 essentials of Moe’s swing.
Everything from the address position… to the backswing and transition… to the downswing, through swing, all the way to the finish and everything in between.
If you watch the video… and practice along… then… you too can become what Moe called a “365-day” golfer.
In other words, one of the very few golfers in the world who can hit the ball with consistency day after day. This will change your game for the better forever.
Again, I’ve never released this video on its own.
If I ever do, it’ll carry a hefty price tag of $100 or more.
Plus, to “round out” this exclusive package, I’ll add in another video called…

Best of Moe Clinic Series


This extra special video is a compilation of footage of Moe during various clinics and interviews. You get an insider’s view into the life and times of the greatest ball-striker to ever play golf.
Moe shares his philosophy on how to play golf and win. You’ll see him teaching his unique swing and brand of golf to adoring fans. I’ll tell you, watching this video is like taking a walk down the memory lane of Moe’s life.
It’s a must-have addition to your golf video library.
You get this awesome $39 value… and… the two never-before-seen videos.
And if I stopped there, you’d have a treasury of golf secrets in your hands.

But, once again, I’ve got even more for you…

I’ll throw in this “golf like Moe” bonus you’re going to love.

FREE Fast Response Bonus!!!

Video Coaching And Swing Analysis
$99/month Value

How would you like a “Moe Certified” instructor from the Graves Golf Academy to pick your swing apart… and… offer constructive feedback on how to improve?
Well, you’re in luck.
With this bonus, you can submit one swing analysis video right from home. One of our trained instructors will review your swing. You will then receive a video with instruction showing you…

  • A side-by-side comparison of your swing and Moe’s.
  • An analysis of any faults in your swing.
  • Correction of swing faults from a GGA instructor.
  • Drills and coaching to help you practice correctly.
  • Ongoing communication with a coach to improve your swing.

The coaching and swing analysis sells for $99/month.
Again, you receive one free swing analysis as part of this offer.


Limited Time – Sale At 50% OFF

Here’s the deal…
I want GGA subscribers to get a chance to own their personal copy of the Moe Norman Notebook
In fact, I may even decide to stop selling this package after a certain number of sets fly off the shelves. For now, that decision is still up for grabs.
But do you really want to chance it?
Do you want to miss out on a collector’s set of Moe Norman instructional videos you will not get your hands on anywhere else? Do you want to lose the opportunity to own a piece of golf history when it’s yours for the taking?
I don’t want this to slip through your fingers for any reason, either.
Which is why I am offering you everything above for a steal.
You get…

  • The never-before-released video: The Lost Lessons of Moe Norman
  • The never-before-released video: Todd’s Practice Notes!
  • The Best of Moe Clinic Series
  • FREE BONUS: Video Coaching And Swing Analysis

And you get it all at a discount of 50% OFF!
The entire package is yours for a limited for only… $67!
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I’m just being upfront.

A $129 Value... Get it now for:$67

Because I know thousands of golf enthusiasts would pay (and will pay) an arm and a leg for this exclusive instruction.
Plus, to make your decision as easy as a one-inch put, I’ll even give you a…

Full ONE YEAR, 100% Zero Risk
Money-Back Guarantee!

That’s how confident I am this package delivers the goods!
I know you’re going to love it. That’s a foregone conclusion. Just place your secure order below. The package will be rushed to you immediately.
When it arrives, watch the videos in order. Take a little time and practice what Moe and I teach you. Then play a round at your local course. If what you discover on these videos doesn’t improve your game… even a little… and put a smile on your face… then send them back for a full refund.
The thing is, I know these videos provide some of the most sought-after instruction on how to master Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing.
You’ll be delighted with the secrets revealed here.
And there’s no rush. Take a full year to test everything out at your own pace.
Now, you’ve got a simple choice to make. Either you get the package during this special GGA Subscriber-Only event… or… you pass it up and never see it again.
Because I don’t ever plan on making this offer available after this event.
When I say never… I mean NEVER!
So this is it.
If you want to discover the easiest swing in golf… directly from the man who developed it (Moe himself)… and you want to “own” your swing like he did… then… place your secure order now to get started

Special GGA Subscriber-Only Offer

100% Risk-Free Trial Certificate


The Moe Norman Notebook


YES! Todd, I want to own my swing and a piece of golf history by getting this package right now. I can’t wait to see the “Lost Golf Lessons Of Pipeline Moe” and learn directly from the master of the Single Plane Swing himself.
By ordering this exclusive golf package I get…
The never-before-released video:Lost Lessons of Moe Norman This video features Moe during a one-on-one swing clinic with Dr. Jim Suttie. It’s over 45-minutes of in-depth instruction on developing The Feeling Of Greatness in my swing!
The never-before-released video:Todd’s Practice Notes
This video shows Todd Graves breaking down each element of Moe’s simple swing. The video is shot off of Todd’s extensive notes that he took over 11 years as a student of Moe Norman. Watching this video and doing what it says can turn me into a “365-day” golfer.
The must-have compilation video: Best Of Moe Clinic Series! Moe shares his wit, wisdom and genius during various clinics and interviews. This video should be in every Moe Norman fan’s golf video library. And it’s gonna be in mine!
The total value of this package is almost $600. In the very near future, I understand you’ll make it available to the golf community at large for up to $129.
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Todd Graves
Todd Graves Founder, Graves Golf Academy

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