ATTENTION: This May Very Well Be the Holy Grail of Single Plain Swing Training…

FOUND! The Long Forgotten (and Ultra Rare) Moe Norman Swing Footage That I Never Knew Existed…



These Legendary Golf Clinic Tapes Have Been Collecting Dust in Attics…Closets…and Storage Bins for Nearly 20 Years…

…But Now I’ve Got ‘Em — and I’m Handing Them to You!

I couldn’t believe my eyes…was I really seeing what I was seeing?

The frame was shaky…the image a little blurry…and the audio a little spotty in places…

But the man hitting golf ball after golf ball, with dead-center sweet spot contact and frozen-rope trajectories that barely deviated from the target? Yeah, he was unmistakable.

It was Moe, in All His Glory, Doing What He Loved Best—Showing Off for a Crowd…

There he is in 1987, still relatively young, with his trademark turtleneck and just a hint of silver in his hair, swinging his persimmon 3-wood with that repeatable motion we all envy so much…

There he is in 1991, sporting a bit of a paunch but still the same “punch” as he entertains a crowd with his jaw-dropping distance and witty commentary…

There he is in 1998. This is the Moe I remember, making mid-iron and wedge shots look as easy as a kick-in putt. You can literally hear the crowd gasping in awe as he calls the shot shape and distance—even before raking over his next ball–then executes with surgical precision.

I kept blinking over and over again. Because I was certain I had seen every second of footage available of Moe’s clinics. I mean, I had devoted my life to his swing method, and had scoured the internet (as well as countless golf clubs and film archives) to find every old VHS tape and 8mm film out there.

And yet, here was more. And not just more of the same—oh, no –not by a LONG shot…

I Uncovered Something SHOCKING in Moe’s Swing—Even to Me, Who Watched Him Hit Tens of Thousands of Shots…

It’s true. It wasn’t until I viewed this long lost footage that something clicked in my head…something that I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, would change the way my students looked at the Single Plane Swing.


Because inside these clinics lies the ultimate secret to consistency…a secret that’s eluded amateur golfers for nearly a century.

Seriously–if you’re feeling like you’re struggling to get over the ‘hump’ in your play and want to dramatically improve your accuracy and consistency across every club in your bag – starting immediately – then you need to keep reading. And here’s why…

Hi, I’m Todd Graves, Founder of Graves Golf Academy and I want to share this “consistency secret weapon” with you today…

And even though I’ve helped more than 13,713 frustrated golfers gain more distance and shoot lower scores by teaching Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing,

I Know Many of You are Still Struggling to Put 18 Holes of Good, Solid Golf Together…

You start off hot, and then throw up a snowman on that easy par 4. Or you flirt with breaking 80 for the first time, only to crash and burn on the last few holes—holes that you KNOW you can par in your sleep.

Or maybe even worst of all, you’re poised over that 3-footer to shoot your lowest score ever, and get so tense and anxious your putt barely brushes the edge of the cup.

Sound familiar? I see a lot of nodding heads out there…

That’s why, when I recently discovered a game-changing approach to improving your consistency on the course through this archival film footage, I knew I had to get it to you right away—but not until I tested it first…

So I began teaching this method of swing mastery and muscle memory discovery to those who attended one of my elite Premiere School clinics. These are the clinics where guys are shelling out thousands of bucks for hands-on training from the likes of me and my brother.

And Inside These Limited Capacity, Closed-to-the-Public, Private Training Events, Something Amazing Began to Happen…

Golfers who have been plagued by the same issues for years were suddenly striking the ball with clean, crisp precision…

  • Pop-ups, banana balls, and worm burners were transformed into straight, powerful drives that boomed down the fairway like a cannon shot.
  • Chunked and thinned irons became high, sailing arcs that made a beeline for the pin and landed pillow soft.
  • Short game shots (including that dreaded half wedge) turned from double-bogey makers into birdie machines, as my students literally morphed into 100-yards-and-in masters in just a few minutes.


And Then It Hit Me—This is a HUGE Breakthrough…

Something that can really make a monster difference in your game in the fastest time possible so you can finally start playing the type of golf that has the rest of your foursome opening their wallets at the 19th hole.

Very soon, I’ll be revealing this hidden consistency breakthrough to the rest of the world. It’s simply too much of a game-changer to keep under wraps…

But for right now, I’m letting you in on the secret, and only sending out this letter to GGA subscribers. You’ll see why in a minute, so please keep this to yourself for now… Deal?

Now, before I tell you what this amazing muscle-memory phenom training is, you need to understand what it isn’t:

  • This is NOT something I just whipped up in my head (been 3 years in the making)…
  • This is NOT a “re-hash” of anything I’ve ever created before…
  • This is NOT something you’re going to be reading about in a golf magazine anytime soon (assuming you keep your promise to keep this inside the GGA community)…
  • This is NOT a pill, cream or other “snake oil” that promises the moon but fails to deliver…
  • This is the Moe Norman Clinic Series, a step-by-step series of game-transforming, muscle-memory DVD video instruction that is precision crafted to get you consistency in your golf swing like you’ve never had before.

    And Best of All, It Flat-Out WORKS!

    Inside the Moe Norman Clinic Series, you’ll have a front row seat as you watch this newly discovered clinic footage, painstakingly remastered for better visual and audio quality, plus with added subtitles so you don’t miss a word of Moe’s ultra-valuable lessons.

    You’ll be virtually in awe as Moe crushes shot after shot with power and precision, sometimes while still answering questions from the crowd.

    Then, you’ll join me and my team as we utilize the latest in computerized swing analysis technology to virtually “decode” Moe’s swing and uncover the hidden keys to consistency that I’ve recently discovered.

    Finally, we’ll help you easily apply these discoveries to your own game, with on-course instruction that takes it from Moe’s hands to yours, so you can instantly improve your game and start hitting longer, straighter shots and shooting lower scores more often.

    How does THAT sound?

    Great–let’s take a closer look at everything you’ll get inside…

    “The King Of Swing”

    3 Separate “Never-Seen” Videos of ‘Pipeline’ Moe Norman

    •Moe Hitting Like You’ve Never Seen Before
    •3 Separate Sessions of Moe Crushing Balls (‘87,’91,’98)
    •All Commentary Subtitled From Audience & Moe
    •Hear Moe’s Swing Commentary and Exactly the Feelings He Goes Through


    Hear AND SEE Moe As He Explains His Swing In Colorful Detail To A Captivated Audience In This DVD

    This is stuff you won’t find ANYWHERE else… Moe using the “feeling” phrases that put you in his exact mindset. You get gems like:

    • “Golf is not a hitting action. It’s a pulling action.”
    • “I’m the only human being that swings under my body…not around.”
    • “The wider you can make your arc through the ball, the further and straighter you will hit it. And [with] less effort.”
    • “I’m the only golfer with the master move that’s cocking more on the way down.”

    These are just a few of the descriptions Moe walks through in these 3 videos.

    You get the real flavor of the feelings that were coursing through Moe right as he was drilling shot after shot after shot. This is the kind of stuff you just want to watch again and again.

    During the 1991 segment, Moe spoke on how he plays with his legs and and relation to his body:

    • “I’m always swinging under my body. I’m never swinging around my body.”
    • “I play into my legs, I don’t play on TOP of my legs.”
    • “I let my swing balance ME.”

    Now, before I tell you about how I was able to leverage technology to take Moe’s “feeling of greatness” from these videos in Disc 1 to create this ‘secret consistency key’ that I’m going to reveal in disc 2, I want to take a minute to reflect on a few of Moe’s incredible feats:

    Moe was completely self-taught: He figured out how to shorten the distance between the club head and the ball. Thus, he discovered by trial and error the simplest way to hit a ball on the ground with a stick.

    PGA pros admit Moe was the best: Vijay Singh was asked who was the best golfer he had ever seen. His response: “Moe Norman… He was incredible.” Lee Trevino called him, “…a genius when it comes to playing the game of golf.”

    His career stats are amazing: He sank 17 holes-in-one… boasted three scores of 59… four scores of 61… nine double eagles… and… set over 30 course records.

    The accuracy of his swing was legendary: During one of his clinics, Moe hit 1,540 drivers in a little over 7 hours. The balls landed within 15 yards of each other. He could stand on a driving range and hit the 250 yard sign repeatedly with his driver. Not to mention, he only hit one ball out of bounds in 7 years.And so on.I could easily fill up a book with all of his accomplishments.

    Now, let’s get back to the secrets that we were able to distill from these 3 unseen videos…

    You’ve got a sense of the great footage of Moe we’ve been able to assemble in “The King of Swing”

    But what you don’t know is that these videos of Moe are just the building blocks…

    These videos of Moe are phenomenal by themselves and would stand alone as a fantastic product, but I wanted more.

    I knew that there was science backing Moe’s feelings and descriptions in these historic tapes. I studied biomechanics in combination with Moe’s videos and words.

    Well, I was able to prove it

    Prove through physics and biomechanics that Moe’s swing motions were physically superior and could be repeated by ANYONE – and THAT, my friends has been a GAME-CHANGING BREAKTHROUGH.

    What do I mean? Well, imagine having the concrete, tangible motions that Moe is going through when he says things like “I’m inside the inside”

    And, with the help of some cutting-edge 3-D technology, I’ve been able to model these swing motions precisely on a 3-D model of the human body.

    What you get is the first high-def breakdown of the subtleties of Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing…

    Imagine knowing exactly how Moe moved during each part of his swing… and how you can clearly replicate this same ultra-consinstent swing motion… EVERY TIME

    This approach to the swing based on the science and physiology of the human body overlaid with Moe’s feelings has been the winning combination that has gotten hundreds of my students “in the groove of a super-consistent, muscle-memory-based swing” faster and with the most consistently forward progress than I have ever seen in my entire career.

    This crystal clear fundamental training that is able to dive deep into the subtleties of Moe’s swing in a straightforward manner is something that is totally new.

    The 3-D modeling and swing analysis in this second DVD gives you an exact model to follow that is fast to learn and quick to master. You follow the model, your muscle memory takes hold. After all, you’re swinging in a more efficient way. The kind of swing your body WANTS you to be making.

    This is the second DVD in this 3 DVD set and is called:

    “Moe’s Notes”

    The 3-D Breakdown of Moe’s Swing Fundamentals and Feelings

    •Get the Detailed Meaning Behind What Moe Says in Disc 1
    •Learn How to “Decode” Moe’s Swing With 3-D Modeling
    •Precision Training Takes Your Single Plane Swing to the Next Level
    •Easy-to-Implement Swing Training Designed To Improve Your Consistency – FAST

    This DVD is doing something that’s never been done here at the Graves Golf Academy, and as far as I know, is the ONLY training you can access ANYWHERE that is using this technology to improve your understanding of the exact swing motions you need to follow to get more consistency in your golf swing.

    If you’ve been to one of my schools in the last couple of years, you more than likely heard me talk, maybe more than you would have cared to hear, about the biomechanics and physics behind the single plane swing. But it has paid off.

    You Finally Get To DECODE Moe’s Swing!

    I, with the help of my team and some of most cutting-edge 3-D and physics modeling software and video production equipment in the world, have distilled the subtleties of Moe’s commentary and swing into something real and tangible.

    After hours of modeling and studio work, in combination with the rare, nearly-lost-forever footage of Moe, I’ve made a huge leap forward in my understanding, but more importantly, my ability to CONVEY that understanding to my students.

    And for the first time ever, I’m combining this never-before-seen footage of Moe in action with the cutting edge physics and 3-D modeling work that distills Moe’s feelings into an actionable system of swing steps and body positions into one multi-DVD box set.

    And that’s not all! These first two DVDs in this training create a core understanding of these consistency-focussed, muscle-memory swing motions.

    Disc 3 we’re adding another layer – “Moe’s Short Game.” This DVD takes the same principles of biomechanics and efficient swing motions established in the first two discs and applies them to…

    DVD 3: Moe’s Short Game

    •Learn Moe’s Short Game From A Brand New Perspective
    •Discover the Hidden “Gems” Moe Used to Get It Up and Down Every Time
    •Instruction Guaranteed To Improve Your Short Game
    •A Full Training in and of Itself!

    My brother, Tim has once again knocked it out of the park with his instruction in this DVD. You’re getting a double-whammy of great training:

    Moe’s short game swing secrets taught from the biomechanic perspective. And you’re getting it from a guy is able to convey the subtleties of this aspect of the game like nobody else I know. You’re going to love it.

    All 3 of the DVD’s in this set build upon each other and combine to form what I’m calling…

    “The Moe Norman Clinic Series:”

    “Decoding Moe’s Single Plane Swing”

    And right now, you can be one of the very first to access this one-of-a-kind, complimentary, multi-DVD training set that:

    • Debuts 3 Never-Seen Sessions Of Legend Moe Norman
    • Breaks Down Moe’s Swing Feelings Into Clear Motions You Can Practice Right Now
    • A Full Short Game Training DVD Utilizing 3-D Modeling Technology
    • Plus I’m backing it up with a 1 year guarantee… But you must ACT NOW if you want to get this special pricing not available through our store (40% Off).

      This DVD set is your gateway to Moe like you’ve never known him before.

      The first DVD in the set, “The King of Swing,” you get personal access to RARE footage of Moe during some of his live demonstrations to a captivated live audience. With the launch of this DVD, you’re getting the first access to this footage that has been in a dusty archive for decades.

      The digitally remastered videos on this DVD cover over 10 years of Moe’s incredible golf career.

      You’ll be the first to hear Moe’s commentary and the live crowd reactions from these events that were nearly lost to the annals of history forever. Plus, every video has been subtitled so you can clearly follow everything that is going on from questions from the crowd to the snappy retorts from Moe.

      It’s your front row ticket to watching Moe perform where he felt most at home – on the golf course.

      The retail price for this is $127.00

      But TODAY, during this LIMITED-TIME promotion,

      You can order this entire package for ONLY $76!

      Because I know thousands of golf enthusiasts would pay (and will pay) an arm and a leg for this exclusive instruction.

      Plus, to make your decision as easy as a one-inch put, I’ll even give you a…

      Full ONE YEAR, 100% Zero Risk
      Money-Back Guarantee!

      That’s how confident I am this package delivers the goods!

      I know you’re going to love it. That’s a foregone conclusion. Just place your secure order below. The package will be rushed to you immediately.

      When it arrives, watch the videos in order. Take a little time and practice what Moe and I teach you. Then play a round at your local course. If what you discover on these videos doesn’t improve your game… even a little… and put a smile on your face… then send them back for a full refund.

      The thing is, I know these videos provide some of the most sought-after instruction on how to master Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing.

      You’ll be delighted with the secrets revealed here.

      And there’s no rush. Take a full year to test everything out at your own pace.

      Now, you’ve got a simple choice to make. Either you get the package during this special event… or… you pass it up and and miss out on huge savings.

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      So this is it.

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      Moe Norman Clinic Series – Decoding Moe

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      Todd Graves
      Todd Graves Founder, Graves Golf Academy