GGA Member Exclusive: “Back 9 Tune-Up” Mega-Bundle


Your “Secret Weapon” to
Dominating Your Fall Season Play

Shave Strokes AND Add Yards
With This Killer Custom Combo


Dear Single Plane Golfer,

So you’re having a decent season so far!

I don’t want to take the wind out of your sails just yet, so I will say this:


There isn’t much that compares to having a solid round of golf is there?

You head out, hit the ball well and either humble or impress your friends (depending on their temperament) and life is good.

Now, I’m probably about to tell you something you already know…

Your game can be better.

You may say “Yeah of course Todd, I see these guys on the PGA and I am nowhere NEAR where they are nor will I EVER be.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about YOUR game.

Every year that passes, the dreaded AGE tries to add strokes and reduce our distance.

If you’re over 40 and think you’re ‘treading water’ with your game play, you need to face facts.

If you’re not actively working to build strength and play a better mental game, father time is going to erode your game.

I don’t mean to be gloom and doom, and it’s not all bad.

What I want is you to keep having that positive feeling when you’re playing and that is exactly why my brother Tim and I put together this package I’m about to tell you about…

Introducing the
“Back 9 Tune-Up”

Your key to gaining ground and lowering your scores this fall

This may be the biggest package and discount I have EVER run in the history of the Graves Golf Academy.

And it’s ONLY available to YOU, our most valued subscribers.

I want you to carefully review everything that is included in this package below.

When it’s all said and done (and if you act now to get the FREE Throw-A-Hole set added in) you’re getting a $468 Package at over 60% off.

Let’s review what you’re getting:

First – You’re Getting The Elite 6-DVD Set:

“The Seven Principals of Golf”

It’s like getting our instructors all to yourself –
virtually an “all-day workshop in a box”

Chances are you’ve never seen this much detail in a “whole game” golf training program before!

In fact, you could safely consider this my “DREAM golf coaching clinic in a box” … whether YOUR dream is to flatten the competition at your next Club Championships … or simply beat the pants off your buddies next time they’re foolish enough to put money on a game against you.

Admittedly, I wish we had a sexier name for this special collection … but we don’t.

That’s because these videos – all 6 hours, and 7 minutes worth – are not normally offered to the general public!

But when you said “Yes!” to the Single Plane Solution you stepped way-y-y out ahead of the crowd, proclaiming yourself one of Golf’s most seriously dedicated students.

(I really mean that! You might find it surprising just how many golfers happily drop more money in a single afternoon at the clubhouse lounge – which obviously does nothing for their game – than you have, today, on the kind of “A-level” training that could move you a long way toward your Club Championship … or at least winning most of those “money rounds” with your pals.)

Our aim is simple: Showing golfers of all skill levels how to play better golf. Period.

“From tee to green, and everything in between!”

At over 6 hours in length, the 7 Principles series, on 6 Hi-Definition DVDs, leaves no divot unturned in your quest for total golf improvement.

We cover the entire game of golf here … or more to the point, the THREE games of golf: The long game, the short game, and putting.

And each lesson is followed by a simple test to ensure you’ve grasped the concept or technique, and begun “internalizing” it.

There are 7 key elements, or principles, that lead naturally to playing better golf:

  • Learn the fundamentals of a sound, repeatable, powerful swing of ease (like Moe Norman’s “Single Plane Swing”)
  • Develop an efficient short game (at least a 50% up and down record)
  • Become a good putter (fewer than 30 putts per round)
  • Build or buy clubs that fit your game (and be intimately familiar with your equipment)
  • Learn to play on the course using developed skills (“course management”)
  • Learn how to practice effectively and efficiently (which includes goal-setting, as well as time management)
  • Learn how to THINK better!


I could keep going about the 7 Principles Set, but that’s only PART of this incredible package I’m offering…


And because you’re looking to crank up your game this fall…


We Also Want You Hitting Farther!
And Are Giving You The Hand Speed Trainer

The Hand Speed Trainer™ (HST) moves incremental weight resistance training from the equipment (your golf club) to the body allowing you to train golf-specific muscles at competition speed, with no impact to body mechanics.

Let me make this analogy for you – you know when baseball players add that weight ring to their bats when they’re on deck so they’re swinging faster?

This fantastic, swing-speed boosting product does the same thing and straps right to your arms.

Practice with this easy-to-use training aid for a couple weeks you will get a NOTICEABLE increase in clubspeed and distance.

It’s easy to use and this exact product is something that Tim and I BOTH use in our training regularly.

And finally…


Rounding Out This Incredible Package:

“The Mind Of Moe Norman:

An Alert Attitude of Indifference” DVD


We take you on a journey into they mind of the man who started it all…

This is an unparalleled opportunity to get right inside “The Mind Of Moe Norman” – to “be in charge of your thinking” as Moe Advised.

In this DVD, undoubtedly unlike any other “golf instruction” program you’ve ever seen…

Moe’s student, good friend, and golfing partner for more than a decade, Todd Graves sits down with Rick Carlisle, head coach of the Indiana Pacers basketball team (and a big fan of Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing) for an in-depth and engaging discussion of the psychology of golf, as taught by Moe Norman…

…recalling experiences with Moe, both on and off the course … quoting some of their favourite “Moe-isms” and what each means to them … and drawing comparisons between “the mental game” in basketball and golf.

“Negative thinking hurts more than negative swinging!”– Moe Norman

Sure, there’s a time to focus on mechanics … and a time not to.

As Rick Carlisle puts it: “When you’re practicing, by all means, focus on technique … but once you’re in a game, it’s time to stop thinking about the mechanics of it. Now you have to TRUST!”

“You cannot play with hope or fear – you must play with an alert attitude of indifference.”– Moe Norman

…meaning, you can’t worry about what might happen … and you can’t change what already happened. Instead, you have to basically “not care’. You have to separate yourself emotionally from the outcome, and all possible outcomes. Just focus on that target, and leave to happen whatever will happen. Relax. ACCEPT the current conditions. TRUST that you know what to do. Be focussed … be intent … and have fun, no matter the outcome.

But HOW?

If this has ever been a problem for you, you’re gonna LOVE the mental boost you (and your game) get from peeking inside “The Mind Of Moe Norman”


Un-Advertised Fast-Action BONUS:
If You Act Now, You’re Getting A 3-Pack Of The
All-New Throw-A-Hole Short Game Rings

Now, this is only for the first 50 of you that take advantage of this offer, so keep that in mind if you’re on the fence.

Here’s the scoop on the exclusive GGA Throw-A-Hole:

Many times there aren’t enough holes cut into the practice greens to accommodate golfers, thus making short game training a hassle, especially when multiple golfers are hitting putts and chips to the same hole.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own hole every time you practice? 

Now you can with my newly designed GGA Throw-A-Hole.


This frisbee-like ring is precison designed to allow you to quickly set up a variety of on-the-green practice shots in a hurry.

The height of the lip is engineered to teach you the ideal ball speed so that your misses on the course will be a “damn close” 6-18 inch put every time.

With the GGA Throw-A-Hole you can now take a hole with you every time you practice. You can even use the Throw-A-Hole on the carpet inside your home, a great way to practice when you aren’t able to get to the course.

So Let’s Recap the MASSIVE Value You’re Getting With This Special ‘Subscribers-Only’
“Fall Tune-Up Package”:


You’re Getting:

  • The 7 Principles DVD Set (Normal Price: $299)
  • Hand Speed Trainer (Normal Price: $79.95)
  • Mind of Moe Norman (Normal Price 49.95)
  • And First 50 Get The Throw-A-Hole (Normal Price $39.95)


This Complete $469 Package is YOURS For $179 (62% OFF!) when you say YES today!


Plus…I’m Backing This Up With This
“Better-By-November” Iron-Clad Guarantee

If you review and implement even SOME of this phenomenal package in your golf game and your scores aren’t improving by November, I want you to send it back and to let me refund you. I stand by this package and, like I said in my video, want you to be having fun and pleased with your play.


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