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The golf swing is a simple motion. But it is not easy. Only when you have retrained your body to automatically perform the specific muscle movements required for golf will you begin to develop the consistency every golfer strives for.

“Learning to groove these ideal positions through drills is the true shortcut to good golf.’

Whatever your handicap, this Drills System can help you reach your full golf potential. How do I know this? Because I’ve witnessed student after student improve greatly by doing drill work.

By practicing these drills, you can zero in directly on problem points in your game or golf swing, and address these right away.

There’s just no way we could do more than scratch the surface on this page. So let’s just have a quick look at some of what’s included in this exclusive double-pack:


  • How Moe addressed the ball and why a bad foundation causes inconsistency and poor ball-striking
  • How to feel and master the perfect address position
  • How to learn the ideal positions the golf swing
  • How to make the proper swing positions with the PVC Drill
  • How to know what ideal positions feel like with a golf club
  • How to identify the exact point in the backswing when the hands hinge
  • How to develop a perfectly on plane backswing
  • How to always know the right moment to transition to the downswing
  • How to better understand the club’s angle of approach into the ball
  • How to achieve the perfect hand action into the downswing and impact
  • How to transition from proper impact to letting the club release.
  • How to work on the proper lower body, leg and knee movement during the swing.
  • How to feel the proper shoulder and club plane
  • The importance of proper spine positioning
  • How to train the proper shoulder motion to allow the hands to always lead

And much, much more!

And because, no matter how many “oohs-and-ahs” you might get for your blistering long-distance drives – the fact is…

70% of all scoring happens from within 50 yards of the green…

…so if your short game is weak, then your whole game is weak!

That’s why we’ve put together this unique collection of specialized drills that are unconditionally guaranteed to give you a better short game than ever before.

Tim Graves, PGA Pro and co-founder of the graves Golf Academy, is your professional guide as you progress step-by-step through these nine essential Moe Norman-inspired drills to improving your putting, chipping and pitching.

Here are the drills you and Tim will be running through together, along with a quick explanation of why they’re included:

Drills For Better Putting:

  • One-Hand Putting Drill (to get the correct hand and putter alignment, and prevent “flipping” of your wrist)
  • Upswing Drill (this one gives you just the right amount of upswing with your putter, resulting in the ideal spin and roll)
  • Speed Drill (helps you putt with the proper speed, as well as honing your sense of “range” at any distance from the hole – just imagine how much lower your scores will be when you’re 2-putting every hole)

Drills For Better Chipping:

  • Space Drill (this simple yet effective drill ensures you a proper chipping stroke by emphasizing the perfect finish)
  • Hitting Down Drill (to get just the right amount of back-spin on the ball for better chip control)
  • Line Drill / Range Ball Drill (gives you a great feel for correct spin and roll on your chips, and tells you instantly whether or not your club face is square)

Drills For Better Pitching:

  • Toe-Up Drill (helps you get just enough loft on your pitches every time – critically important!)
  • Feet Down, Knees Flexed Drill (helps you keep your feet down throughout the shot, and your hands pointing at the hole … because if you lift your rear foot, and straighten your lead leg, you’ll typically pull your shoulders out, and the ball will pull to the left)
  • Divot Drill (helps you see whether you’re hitting down on the ball, and getting underneath it enough)

That’s 22 minutes, 42 seconds of the best short-game-boosting training you’re likely to find anywhere, right there!

Single Plane Swing Drills eBook
$47 Value
  • Highlights of drills in the “Making Feel Real” DVD
  • Your go-to guide and quick reference for all official GGA’s Single Plane Golf Swing drills
  • Simple and easy to understand instructions
Secrets of the Grip Video
$37 Value
  • Discover the proper pressure points of the hand
  • Learn how the grip helps the wrist action… to give you straighter and longer shots
  • The easiest way to get more speed with less effort
Secrets of the Leg Action Video
$37 Value
  • Take stress off back
  • Simplify getting back into impact
  • Develop more solid contact

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What others are saying about the Single Plane Solution Drills Video

I have been following you for a long time and purchased most of videos and training aids, but the Drills video is the most helpful thing that you have put out to improve my game. I have definite things to work on now (in my garage) and my score is beginning to reflect it. I am thinking my game is going to get more consistent. I do enjoy the Webinars and get a lot from you and Tim.
Thank you

Ralph Greenway

P.S. The offer on this page is an exclusive sales promotion.

P.P.S. This package is the perfect companion to the Single Plane Solution DVD. If you have the original DVD and love the content in it, you will really appreciate these jam-packed drills videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get my new DVD?

A: This is a special sales promotion. The DVDs are now shipping.

Q: How is this DVD different from the Single Plane solution?

A: This DVD is based on the same fundamentals from the Single Plane Solution, but offers DRILLS to help you transform knowledge of ideal mechanics into true feeling.

Q: How will I view my digital bonus videos?

A: When the DVD ships, we will send an email to everyone who took advantage of this offer. This email will include information about how to view your bonus digital videos and ebook.

Q: Can I take advantage of the offer if I live outside of the United States?

A: Absolutely! Just select the “International Shipping” option on the order page.

Q: What is your return policy if I decide the training isn’t for me?

A: We offer 12-month, money-back guarantee on this training. Refunds include 100% of the purchase price minus shipping and handling.

Q: What if I have additional questions not covered on this page?

A: Please send your questions to Scott Renfrow at (866) 377-2316. If you are outside the U.S., please call us at (405) 823-9693).